4J Studios confirmed that Title Update 18 for Minecraft PS3 is going to be huge and as promised a lot of new content is being added to this upcoming release.

If all of them roll out at the same time for the consoles, they are definitely going to make the console ports on par with the PC version of the game. Ever since its launch, Minecraft has received multiple updates on the computers first because it was directly handled by Mojang while 4J had to work on it later to bring it to the consoles. Now, with Xbox One, Playstation 4 and other platforms gaining a stranglehold with a huge fan base, the time has come to roll out updates in a quick fashion so that gamers don’t have to wait. There are some new additions that you could look into with the Title Update 18.

Block of Coal

The primary purpose of a block of coal is to provide fuel for various devices. They can be mined using a pickaxe and it is a mandatory tool. If you are not using one, it would reap you nothing. They are sometimes even used as a cheap alternative to construct huge buildings but if you want to make good use of it, you can use it within a furnace. It is a great source of fuel that would keep the fire burning for a long time and can be used to smelt up to 80 items. It will be rolled out to Minecraft PS3, Playstation 4 and other console versions with the Title Update 18.

Minecart Loaded with TNT

Another interesting update headed to Minecart PS3 is the Minecraft which will come preloaded with TNT. Players have to attack it so as to grab hold of the explosive weapon and there are different usage scenarios in which it will blow off. The title update is also bringing in activator rail and if it is introduced over one, it will blow. In case it derails out of the block and falls over three blocks, the TNT will blow. Other situations where it could explode include destruction when in movement, lava, fire, or fierce impact against other blocks in curves. When it explodes, it will deal ample damage to everything nearby including entities, the scenery as well as any players standing by.

A new teaser image released by 4J Studios for Minecraft PS3 also confirmed the inclusion of weighted pressure plates. Stay tuned because there will be more additions soon.

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