Ever since they made they debut on the tablet market, Apple became a leader and no rival company was able to dethrone the American tech giant. Until now, Apple sold over 200 million iPads all over the world and things are becoming better and better. Google, on the other hand, teamed up with HTC to make the Nexus 9 model, which can stand up to the light of Apple’s iPad Air 2.


First of all, a tablet must be equipped with a screen that can steal your gaze, or else, you’ll be very disappointed of your investment. However, both Apple and Google understood this aspect and brought the best technology to their tablets’ screens. The iPad Air 2 has a LED-backlit IPS LCD display of 9.7inches, with 1536×2048 pixels and 264ppi. The Nexus 9 has an IPS LCD display of 8.9inches, with the same resolution, but rendering a higher pixel density of 281ppi. While Apple is using a scratch-resistant glass to protect its front panel, Google opted for Corning Gorilla Glass 3. The iPad Air 2 would be considered a little more advantageous because it has an anti-reflective coating for its screen, which reduces reflections by 56 percent.


The iPad Air 2 was considered the world’s most attractive tablet, and it’s kind of hard to come up with a device that looks better than it. The aluminum casing looks a lot better than the plastic material from Nexus 9’s back, and not to mention the fact that the iPad Air 2 is slimmer than the Google tablet. Therefore, the dimensions of the iPad Air 2 are 240×169.5×6.1 mm, compared to 228.2×153.7×8 mm. Both models come in two variants – WiFi and 3G/LTE, and the iPad Air 2 weights 437/444 grams, while the Nexus 9 weights 425/436grams. In addition, the Apple tablet has a fingerprint sensor with which you can make online purchases and pay via Apple Pay.

Processors and Memories

The iPad Air 2 is the fastest Apple tablet so far, being powered by an A8X processor (triple core, clocked at 1.5GHz), which will surely blow your mind. For the first time, Apple raised the bard and added an extra GB of RAM, so the device should run smoothly. Likewise the latest Apple products released recently, the Air 2 has three variants of internal memories 16, 64 and 128GB, unexpandable. The battery is non-removable Li-Po (27.3 Wh).

The Nexus 9 has an Nvidia Tegra K1 chipset supporting a dual-core 2.3 GHz Denver processor and uses Kepler DX1 graphics. This model has too 2GB of RAM and unexpandable storage, while its capacity is 16 and 32GB. The battery is Li-Po 6700mAh, also non-removable.


Both tablets have rear cameras of 8MP with autofocus and other similar features such as touch focus, face detection and geo tagging. Regarding the front camera, the iPad Air has a 1.2MP one and the Nexus 9 is fitted with a 1.6MP shooter.

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