Skype is a chat service where you can do many things aside from engaging in instant messaging, voice calling and video calling.

Despite the rise in messaging services today, Skype remains on top because it’s already a pioneer in chat services. Skype is also available on mobile apps, which makes it easier for users to communicate with one another since everyone seems to own a phone or a tablet nowadays. Skype has popular features like the ability to send files and share screens with your contact.

How to Screen Share on Skype

Being able to share your screen with a contact is very useful because there are many instances that call for it. While placing a voice or video call to someone, click the + button, followed by Share screens. From then on, your contact will see what’s on your screen and every program that you open. Clicking the Stop button and this will stop the screen sharing.

Reasons to Share Your Screen

Are you doing research and want someone to see what you’re doing? Or do you want to show some files to someone but don’t have the time to meet them? These are just some of the several reasons why screen sharing on Skype is a very handy feature. It saves you time and money because there’s no need to leave the house to meet someone just to show them what’s on your computer. It’s also easier to get technical help with Skype’s screen sharing as you can follow each step correctly with the use of the live video accompanied by voice instructions.

Important Things to Remember Before Sharing Your Screen

Even if it’s someone close to you, it is still very important to make sure that you don’t have open programs on your computer that you don’t want anyone else to see. To avoid getting caught red-handed, do a quick preview of what the other person will be viewing before hitting the Start button. This way, you can close any programs that you need to hide from the other person.

What You Should Check Before Starting the Screen Sharing

If you’re about to share your screen with your boss, you need to make sure that your web browser does not expose any website you’re not supposed to be visiting, or if you have any games running in the background, you better close them before your boss catches a glimpse. Additionally, if you’re chatting with a significant other and want to start a screen sharing session, be careful of any opened files that might get you in trouble. It may also be a good idea to close any IM apps you’re using at the moment or ask the people not to send you an instant message while doing the screen sharing.

Close the Screen Sharing Carefully

After you stopped sharing screens, double check that you really have clicked the stop button. Otherwise, you will run the risk of exposing your files to them if you failed to make sure that you have stopped the feature carefully.

Applications Be Careful in Sharing Screens on Skype