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Download Angry Birds for iOS and Android – The Most Popular Free Game


The Android market came into being a few years ago and during this period, there were many people who were moving into this new world of ‘smart’ phones, trying to adapt to this rather new kind of lifestyle.

At that point, developers of Android applications were similarly novice in this niche and as such they had very limited options.

It was during this period when Android devices were entering the market that Angry Birds began capitalizing. For a start, it was already an established name when it comes to iOS users and for sure, many loved it. However, Angry Birds wasted no time in the Android market and as earlier noted, they took advantage of their dominance in the iOS market and launched the Android version of their game, thanks to the expertise of Rovio.

The game did not take long to make a mark in this market as gamers’ spirits were largely captured by this game. In most cases, the then new users of Android largely comprised of those people who had shifted their allegiance from S40 or Symbian-based devices, and some from other basic brands like Java. This is exactly what users wanted.

Simplicity of the Game

What made this game rise to popularity is its simple nature. As if the developers knew the shifting to the Android platform from basic phones won’t be easy for many, they developed a very simple game. The original classic Angry Birds required a gamer to hit a bird on a stack of ‘stuff’ and attack greedy and very evil pigs. Actually, the storyline of the game is about some really nasty and angry birds that have decided to take vengeance on pigs that have been stealing their eggs.

This is exactly what the game Angry Birds is all about and it shall remain to be all about this.

The Description of the Game

In Angry Birds, the survival of these birds is usually at stake. You are supposed to dish out revenge on the pigs that stole their eggs. The game equips you with the tools and the power you need. Each bird has a unique power and it is these powers you are to use to destroy these greedy pigs. In essence, this game is challenging and features a physics-based gameplay that involves long hours of replay. In order to succeed on each level, you need skill, logic, and force or else, you are doomed to fail.

New Gameplay Objectives and Achievements for Angry Birds Players

As earlier noted, this game is very challenging and in order to succeed, you need to be skilled enough to use force in a logical way. However, you might get stuck. If you do, the latest version of Angry Birds allows you to buy the Mighty Eagle. This one time in-app purchase gives players of Angry Birds an unlimited use. With this feature, you can launch attacks from the sky. The Mighty Eagle will soar from above and destroy the greedy pigs.

However, you need to note that you can only seek the help of the Mighty Eagle in passing a level once in one hour. This feature also includes brand new gameplay objectives/goals and achievements.

Boost the Ability of your Birds using all new Power-ups

The Mighty Eagle is not the only additional feature that the new Angry Birds version bears. This highly addictive game now includes power-ups to boost the abilities of your birds and 3-star levels and unlock secret content. You can now find a variety of power-ups in Angry Birds and they include King Sling power-ups which you can use for full-fledged power, Sling Scope power-ups for laser targeting, Super Seeds power-ups for supersizing your birds and lastly Birdquake power-ups which you can use to shake the defenses of the pigs and take them down to the ground.

What makes this game the best of all is the fact that it is available for free. However, in order to enjoy the full power of the game and its very many features, users will be required to make some additional purchases. An example is the previously discussed Mighty Eagle feature.