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Download Top 20 Best Free Apps For Your iPhone



Without a doubt, WhatsApp is one of the most used applications out there, regardless if it’s used on an iOS device or an Android one. The application can be installed very easy and it comes with a lot of features. You will be able to send texts, voice files, photos and even short video messages to anyone that is on your WhatsApp contact list. It is free for the first year but after that you will have to pay 0.99 dollars / year. WhatsApp is now owned by Facebook, after it bought it for 19 billion dollars.

Camera Awesome

Camera Awesome is a camera application which comes with many tools that will help you take the best photos. It comes with many transform options such as filters, textures and many other tools that if you search them in the store you will notice that you will have to pay for them. To make things even easier after you edit a photo you will be able to share it on your Instagram, Facebook or Twitter with just a tap from the Camera Awesome application.


Pocket is an offline reading tool, which allows you to save pictures, videos or articles so that you can view them later. This is a great tool if you want to check some articles later while travelling by train or by bus, where you will not have an internet connection.

Plants vs. Zombies 2

Plants vs. Zombies 2 will take you to Ancient Egypt, which is the golden age of piracy and the Wild West, and which will provide you some great unique challenges. In addition to the previous version of the game, the new Plants vs. Zombies 2 comes with new plants such as the Lightning Reed or Bloomerang. At the same time, the players will be challenged by some new zombies, which include undead chickens and pirates.


Freedly is a very popular feed and news reader application that benefited from the shutdown of Google’s Reader. Feedly will help you be updated with the latest news and at the same you will be able to save articles in order to read them later.


If you want to track your cycling, hiking, running or cycling you can use RunKeeper. The application uses the GPS to track the distance you do and has the ability o track the total exercise time, calories that you burned, distance etc. In addition, the application allows you to take pictures and tag them on the way.

XE Currency

XE Currency is a currency convertor which will help you convert any type of currency you want. The application comes with live currency and can track up to ten currencies simultaneously and update the rates every minute or whenever you shake your device. The application also allows you to use it when you don’t have an internet connection on the device, but the rates will not be updated.

Yahoo! Weather

Yahoo! Weather won Apple’s 2013 Design Awards and it comes with a great interface that looks great but it’s also very informative. The application shows images of your location, the time and the weather conditions. You even have the option to view the weather for the next 5 days, satellite maps and sunset and sunrise times.

Google Translate

Anyone that uses the internet very often, has used, at least once, the Google Translate on the browser. However, now there is an application for that and you will be able to use it on your iPhone. The application comes with around 80 languages which will allow you to translate from a language to another anytime you want. You will be able to opt for a “speak” translation, which will give you an idea on how that specific word or phrase sounds like.

Google Translate iphone app


Slice is an e-receipt management application, which allows you to link your Yahoo and Gmail account so that you can organize your receipts, tracking numbers, shipment information and ETA’s. You will be able to track your shipments, search for information about some products and organize all the e-receipts you have with this single software.


WebMD is a free application which comes with medical information and utilities. It features a Symptom Checker, which you will use to select the body part and the symptoms you have in order to give you a proper answer of what you might suffer of. This is a great application if you want to diagnose yourself before you go to see a doctor.

webmd iphone app


If you are looking for a good video editor, then you should install Magisto. You won’t need to know too many technical things when using Magisto, so the application can be used by anyone. You will be able to add videos and photos and edit them the way you want. After that, you can select an audio track list that will be used on the background of the video. When you’re done editing the video, you can upload it and you will be able to see the result.


IMDb (Internet Movie Database)

Anyone who’s watching a movie on his PC uses the IMDb to check for new movies, see the rates of a movie or even search for a specific TV series, actors or directors. So, if you are a person who often watches movies, this is one application you will want to have on your iPhone.


You’re listening to a cool song on the radio, but you don’t have any clue what song it is, so that you can download it and play it later? SoundHound is able to find which songs is playing and it will even recognize a song if you are singing it. In addition, the application will also show you the lyrics of the specific song.


You can access Facebook over the Safari browser, but it is way better to use the official Facebook application on your iPhone. With a single tap you will log into your Facebook account and you will be able to talk with your friends, share photos and comment. In addition, the mobile interface of Facebook is designed to match the device’s display.


Skype is an application developed by Microsoft, which allows you can make voice and video calls with your friends for free. You can also chat and send files to them and if you want to call landlines or mobile phones you can do it in exchange of a small fee.


One of the most used applications and websites for uploading pictures is Instagram. If you are a person who makes tons of pictures with the iPhone, then you should install Instagram right away, make an account and upload the pictures there.

Instagram iPhone app


If you are in a meeting or in the classroom and you’ve got a great idea that you don’t want to forget, you can open Evernote and write it there. This is a great application for writers, but even for students that tend to forget everything, like which lessons they need to learn etc. This is a great alternative if you don’t have a pen and a sheet to write the notes down.

Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout application

This application will guide you through a 7 minute workout that you can do everyday. This can be done with a wall, a chair and a bit of floor space. This can be used as a personal trainer to get you in good shape with some simple exercises. You will be able to create your own custom workout routines.

Pandora Internet Radio

Using Pandora Internet Radio you will be able create a personalized station with the music you love. You will just have to enter the name of the songs, artists and composers and just wait for Pandora to automatically create the custom station for you. Keep in mind that Pandora is ad-supported, but you can also subscribe for a premium service. However, the application is not available all over the world due to regional licensing restriction.