Is Facebook really over?

Is Instagram really going to take over? These questions have been asked and re-asked many times but the only people who can answer them are the users of these two popular social media. Asking which the better social network is would prompt different answers. If you ask the younger users, their answer would be Instagram. On the other hand, if you ask this question to older generations, their answer would most definitely be Facebook.

How They are Different

Facebook is an all-around social media that has done a lot of things over the years. It has added, tweaked and removed multiple features since the first time it was launched. Instagram, despite the additional features here and there, remains a photo-sharing app. You can only share photos and videos in Instagram unlike in Facebook where you can share more media like a link to a website or even a status that depicts what you’re feeling or thinking about. Facebook has desktop and mobile versions while Instagram is only available to download on supported devices like Apple and Android smartphones and tablets.


As mentioned, Instagram is favored by a younger audience. Teens these days seem to have grown tired of Facebook due to the fact that it’s now more popular with older people – i.e., their parents and grandparents. For these teens, Facebook is the old-fashioned app that’s no longer fun because it is now crowded by their guardians. The sense of digital freedom is no longer felt. Who would feel free when every time you post anything, your parents always like the post in just a couple of seconds? Instagram is their sweet escape to a more fun and seemingly secret app. It lacks the prying eyes of overly eager parents and grandparents.

Which Spreads News Better?

Since Facebook is used more by older generation, it is often used to spread news and awareness of more serious topics. If you want something to trend easily, Facebook is the right platform to do it. It’s largely because of its “Share” button – just one click and you can easily share the post to your own timeline so your friends can see it. In Instagram, if you need to re-post a photo, there are many steps to do and that would include launching another app. Because it takes more work, Instagram users are not able to share posts as quickly as Facebook users.

You See More Posts in Instagram

Facebook may allow users to post many things aside from photos and videos but with Instagram, there are more public accounts so you can view more content. Because Facebook has more posts to share, its users tend to make their profiles private to avoid unwanted users from taking a peek. Instagram allows you to post different photos, sometimes even photos that are not your own or photos that you don’t necessarily need to keep private. This is why following public Instagram profiles is easier than trying to follow a Facebook user whose profile is in private.

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