While 4J Studios is quite busy now in rolling out the exclusive Star Wars classic skin pack to Xbox One and Xbox 360 owners, Minecraft PS4 and Playstation 3 edition owners have nothing to worry about.

After all, it is one skin pack and most probably Microsoft would keep it as a timed exclusive. Some gamers agree with this viewpoint on the 4J Studios page while others just wish to see the classic science fiction pack on their consoles. It may arrive later or may not because there is no official confirmation on this from the company.

However, earlier Microsoft clarified that just because they have acquired Mojang doesn’t mean they are going to keep everything to themselves. So, you should soon expect the Star Wars pack to come out to your favorite console. Meanwhile, new additions to the big Title Update 18 have been made and each one of them is as interesting as it has always been. They are the hoppers and the pressure plates.


One of the versatile new additions for Minecraft PS4 with title update 18 is the hoppers. These are funnel like blocks which can be used to capture any item entity, as you desire. They are also regularly used as a block tool to transfer items into a container or sometimes out of it. Players have the freedom to acquire these hoppers by two different methods. One is to craft them yourself by using the suggested ingredients while the other method is to break an already available block using a pickaxe.

Make sure when you are mining a hopper, it is done using a pickaxe because if it is done using bare hands, you won’t receive the item which will waste your time spent in mining it. This rule is applicable for a lot of items and seasoned Minecraft players need no introduction to it. It can also be used as a component along with red stone. 4J has already confirmed that red stones are coming which was also shown in a recently released teaser image.

Weighted Pressure Plates

You can use the weighted plates to calculate the number of entities and they are one of the non-solid blocks in the game. There are two different types available, the light and the heavy one. You have to place the plate to measure the number of entities which is its primary usage scenario. It was also teased in the newly released Twitter image.

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