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Surface Pro 3 vs iPad Air 2 – Which Tablet Is Better For Business People?

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Every person who works in the business branch and uses to travel very often, or wants to impress the business partners with a sleek tablet sitting on the desk, next to a desktop computer, or a laptop, will want to get the best looking tablet, and which offers a good performance. Apple and Microsoft have been fighting for the first place in buyers’ preferences and especially for you we’ll compare two of their devices, the iPad Air 2 and the Surface Pro 3.

The iPad Air 2 had 25% market share in Q3 of 2014 and it’s still one of the best selling tablets. In Q1, the iPad market suffered a minor fall from 29.7% to 27.8% in Q2, and meanwhile, Microsoft had a growth from 0.9% in Q1 to 1.9% in Q3, but this was not enough to defeat Apple. Let’s take a look at both tablet’s specs and features.

Surface Pro 3

The Surface Pro 3 is 33% thinner than its predecessor, has a 12inches display with 3×3 aspect ration instead of 16×9, and comes with three processor configurations – Intel i3, i5 and i&, with prices starting from £639 ($799). You can connect an external monitor thanks to the DisplayPort and the tablet has a USB 3.0 port to connect peripherals such as a keyboard and a mouse. You’ll need a docking station that costs £165 ($199), which uses the power port.

The tablet also comes with a pen with which you can take notes by hand and convert them to text using the Microsoft OneNote app. There’s a magnet on the device’s side, where you can snap the pen.

The battery can last almost all day, and many specialists consider the Surface Pro 3 a much better tablet than the Apple one. One of them said that the iPad was created for media consumption, and not exactly to be used in a work place. Since many businesses run on Sharepoint and Exchange (Microsoft platforms) and need the Office package with all its tools, the Surface Pro is a better option.

Unfortunately, not everything is perfect about the Microsoft tablet. It’s quite heavy, weighting 1.76pounds, like two iPad Air 2 tablets together. The tablet doesn’t come with 4G connectivity, but to use the service you’re allowed to add a USB adapter.

iPad Air 2

Apple hasn’t made dramatic changes on this model, but decided to improve the original design, the device being 18% thinner and weighting under 1 pound. It has a 9.7inches display with a resolution of 2048×1536 pixels, compared to 2160×1440 pixels on the Surface Pro 3, but it uses a 64-bit processor that provides great graphics and video processing.

Many of the teenagers and even adults like to play Angry Birds on the tablet while waiting in an airport to get on a plane, and as we were saying, the device is more for media consumption.

The iPad Air 2 can’t run millions of Windows desktop apps like the Surface Pro 3, but it supports enterprise applications from companies like SAP and Oracle. The tablet has a lower price and optional 4G WiFi support, and it comes with a fingerprint reader for extra security.

As a novelty, API allows now third party device management tools.