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WeChat vs Facebook Messenger – Which is the Better Choice for Free Chat Service?


When it comes to messaging apps, the most popular is WhatsApp because it’s similar to the regular SMS.

However, there are a whole lot of variations to choose from and two of the most downloaded chat apps are WeChat and Facebook’s Messenger. If you’re using a different chat service, you may be wondering if it’s time to make the change and download Messenger or WeChat instead. If you can’t decide between the two, you might want to read about their comparison before choosing which chat service to use.

Ease of Use

WeChat and Messenger may have similarities and the same services but they work differently. For one thing, WeChat uses different methods of registration while Messenger uses your Facebook account to add contacts. Both apps are available for free in the iOS and Android Stores. Before using WeChat, you will be asked to register using different methods. If you have registered your mobile number, all your contacts that are using WeChat will be saved in the contacts and you can send a request to them to add you. In Messenger, all your Facebook friends are automatically added as your contacts.


WeChat and Messenger offer similar services that include voice calling and ability to send photos, stickers, location, and voice messages. In terms of services, WeChat has the upper hand because it offers more than what Messenger is offering to its users. WeChat also has free video calling and other social features. You can find these in Facebook as well but then you would have to go out of the Messenger app to go to Facebook to post photos. In WeChat, you will be able to upload photos on your timeline without leaving the app.


WeChat may have additional features but Messenger lets users know if their contacts are available for chat or not. This is one feature that sets WeChat apart from other mobile chat services. In WeChat, you cannot set a status if you’re online and there is no read receipt that would inform you if your friend has already read your message. All these are available in Messenger. You will be able to see if someone is “Active Now” and available for chat and if your message was already read by them.


Messenger has a simple and clean interface. It’s nice to find everything without having to go through the different sections. WeChat also has a decent layout but it can get a little bit cluttered with all its extra features. Sometimes, it’s hard to choose which feature you feel like using because there are way too many to choose from.


If you’re only interested in a free alternative to SMS, Facebook is a nice option. It has that modern feel to it that you don’t get in regular text messaging. It can also be a nice change of not having to use your mobile number for chat services – after all, everyone seems to already have a Facebook account including your whole family and your friends.