The world of technology, as we know it is, made of surprises.

Technology itself is a ‘surprise’ and with the rapid pace at which it is growing, it for sure impossible to predict the next life.

The developments and advancements that have been witnessed in the technological world are actually as a result of humans’ relentless efforts. It is a sign of the amazing achievements humans have made, in their short period of existence. A quick look back at the past decade can clearly show you how rapid the progress in technology has been.

Major Technological Developments in the Past Decade

As recent as 2004, almost all PCs were running on the Windows XP, people were still using dial up services to connect to the internet, using landlines and basic Nokia models for making calls and there was no access to unlimited connectivity.

However, all these have changed and today, the world is foraying in a brand new direction, where Windows 8 has now taken over the reins, from Windows XP; the mobile market is now being dominated by high-speed internet connections, in the shape of 3G, 4G and 5G; landlines are almost going into extinction, thanks to the dominance enjoyed by the smartphones, while the once-famous Nokia models have disappeared and the company itself is almost being forgotten, or maybe it has.

In order to get a clear picture of the progress these two have witnessed, it is imperative to single out some of the major developments in these two very important platforms in the shape of the Android OS and the Windows 8 OS. One thing that is common about these two operating systems is their ability to rapidly grow and at the same time incorporate new and advanced features, in each of their improved versions. If the growth rate is anything to go by, it might for sure come a time when Android will topple Windows and gain its spot as the best operating system – but it’s not today.

Windows 8 Operating System

When it first came into being, many received it with negative reactions. A large part of the public was completely against this development from Microsoft and they actually detested the look of the operating system. Some were stunned while others remain shell-shocked and aghast, but the truth is; this had taken away the taste of using Windows.

Many of them were of the view that Microsoft had betrayed their loyalty and changed the brand with the inclusion of a new logo as well as a new feel. Everything that was known of this giant operating system, for the past two decades, were all gone, with a snap of fingers and what came was an all-new functionality in Windows.

When Microsoft couldn’t take much of these complaints, they swiftly moved to make a few amends and in came Windows 8.1. However, the only major change that this new version of Windows included was the elimination of the start screen as a permanent feature. In addition, users of Windows 8.1 can enjoy the ‘Start’ button once again, after it had been eliminated in Windows 8.

Android 5.0 Lollipop

Since Android entered the world of smartphones, it has been frequent with rolling out updates and the latest one in town is the Android 5.0 Lollipop. What has made Android a success with its rapid progress is how they evolve and adapt to the technological changes and needs of users that also keep changing every day.

The latest version of Android has kept the needs of the customers a priority and it comes in with an array of new features that users find useful. In addition, keeping it simple was still on their agenda and with this new Android 5.0 Lollipop; they have actually achieved that simplicity. The major advancement included in this new version is the “Guest profiles” feature as well as pinning some apps.

The Verdict

The future ahead of these two operating systems is bright. Soon Microsoft will be launching Windows 10 and with Android 5.0 Lollipop just beginning to see the first days of its birth, things seem to be really getting interesting between these two companies. It will be fun to see how they take on each other in the coming few years. All you need to do is sit back, wait and watch.

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