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Download the Emergency Update for Adobe Flash Player 13


If you’re still running Adobe Flash Player 13, you might be at a huge risk.

The company released an update for this version and made it available for all users to download for free. This is following a threat from malicious hackers that could potentially put users’ important information at risk. Adobe has urged its users to make the update so they could keep their devices protected against the attacks. Apple now informs you if your Flash Player is out of date and would ask you to download an updated version.

The Vulnerability

The older version of Adobe Flash Player 13, unfortunately, exposes a critical vulnerability and reports have reached the company that cybercriminals have taken advantage of it and are looking for a way to exploit it. According to the software company itself, the usernames and passwords of its 38 million active account holders have been compromised. This is just one of the many setbacks that Adobe has been experiencing lately.

Adobe Does What It Does Best

After this vulnerability was exposed, Adobe was quick to answer with an update of the Flash Player – something that the company has been doing lately. Adobe is known to release and update Flash Player versions throughout the year. However, each latest version always comes with a series of issues and Adobe is always quick to follow an update to tackle the said problems. As soon as Adobe releases a new version, reports about different problems surface and the company is always quick to release updates.

History of Flaws

Adobe now has a history of unfortunate flaws in their versions as people keep pointing out security flaws that they discover within Flash that need updates. In the version Adobe Flash Player 13, the company did not elaborate on any information about the threats, unlike what other companies would usually do, just a warning and the urge to update the older version of Flash. It could be the company’s way of preventing hackers from gaining too much information.

How Did the Attack Work?

Two researchers from Kaspersky Lab are the ones who alerted Adobe of the problem. They believe that the exploit was made to target Chinese users and organizations. When you open a document, a flash exploit will start an “easy downloader to the disk” and will download a Trojan spy and a backdoor. The program steals the passwords from email clients and will then continue to steal log-ins and passwords from social-email services.

The Switch to HTML

Flash Player is important in playing web content like videos, games, and graphics. Developers also use Flash to create high-quality content. However, a large number of developers have now ditched Flash Player for HTML 5 in creating the same effects. This change is due to the fact that Apple’s iOS does not support Flash and the multimedia player has been pulled from the Google Play Store. HTML 5 is used for mobile devices but Adobe continues to develop its software for PCs because it provides higher quality of 3D video games.