Original devs of Fallout consider that Fallout 4’s location should be settled in New Orleans

For now, there is no official news about Fallout 4, but there are a lot of rumors regarding this game. Rusty Buchert and Scott Campbell are two of the devs that worked on the Fallout game. Both went on Reddit recently for a Q&A session with the fans and they discussed a bit about some possible locations for Fallout 4.

While Campbell firstly said that Australia or Russia would be some good locations, he remembered that those locations were “taken” by Mad Max and Metro. After thinking a bit, Campbell said that a good location for Fallout 4 would be Florida, as it could bring some mutant alligators and swamps that will be full with scary creatures. Buchert said that Fallout 4 should take place in New Orleans as it may bring some good story line to the game, which many players will enjoy.

According to Campbell, the biggest inspirations for Fallout 4 were the RPG Gamma World, Wasteland and The Road Warrior. Both developers think that Fallout 4 is under development and that the game will be a real success when it will get launched.

Factions have been and still are the most fascinating part of Fallout series. It will be awesome to be able to join factions in Fallout 4 and complete tasks in order to rise up in command and maybe even become leader of it!

At the same time, the devs of Fallout 4 should make the game feel more alive, so that the nature will interact with your world. For example at night to be very cold in some specific places and you will need to craft a specific gear to endure the cold from there. The natural disasters will be awesome such as volcanic eruptions or sand storms.

Games nowadays use mounts or vehicles to traverse the game’s world. However, by doing so, you will not be able to see every single part of the map, because you will just pass with speed without noticing how an area is. Fallout should be traversed on foot and in addition they should add a sprint button that will and with a stamina bar that will be used wile sprinting. At the same time, in order to refill the stamina you will have to rest.

Fallout 4 will surely be one of the best games that once it will be released, regardless if it will happen in 2015 or 2016 and even if many think that fans will lose interest on the game, they are very wrong. As soon as Bethesda will give some news regarding this game, even if it will be just an announcement, trailer or whatever, all Fallout series fans will wait even 2-3 years for it.

Do you think that Fallout will be announced by Bethesda until the end of 2015?

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