Assassin’s Creed Unity was a flawed game right from day one.

If Electronic Arts did it a year ago with their bug filled Battlefield 4, it was Ubisoft’s turn in 2014 to do the same one more time. Players who pre-ordered the game and purchased it on day one were not only turned off by its annoying glitches, bugs, frame rate issues but they were also fooled when it showed connectivity issues as well.

Persistent Problems

Even those who pirated the game were able to play the single player campaign but the ones who actually paid the cash had so many problems with Uplay that they had to just stop playing and wait for a patch update to drop by. Usually, Ubisoft is known for giving such trouble to PC gamers while the console version of the game would run smoother due to the attention they give to the platforms.

However, they did not distinguish between them this time around and made sure everyone suffered the same. The blame was shifted towards AMD hardware which powers both Xbox One and Playstation 4 consoles as well as many computers. Now, after releasing three different patches and finally fixing some of the frame rate issues, Unity is more playable.

Free Game

Giving out a free game and DLCs for free is Ubisoft’s last resort. Some people believe they are really sorry for what had happened and tried to make gamers happy so that they would trust them with a new product in the future. However, others believe that gamers are not kids who can be pacified with something as simple as a new free game. Assassin’s Creed Unity was definitely the next gen game that everyone was looking forward to own but it had so many issues that it didn’t live up to the promise.

Now, Ubisoft offers ‘Far Cry 4, The Crew’ among many other new titles for free. Players who purchased the season pass will not receive all the DLCs but instead they have to pick a new game of their choice. Similarly, everyone who purchased the game will have access to the Dead Kings DLC.

Does it solve everything? It solves fifty percent of the flaw as some of them are happy but definitely the trust that Ubisoft lost by giving a bad launch for Assassin’s Creed Unity will definitely stay for long. Only by providing more games that are good as intended, they can solve this issue completely. Just free games won’t do!

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