The Galaxy S5 offers the user with a brilliant display, massive 16MP camera and an array of new software features.

However, how does it compete against its archrival, the Apple iPhone 5S smartphone? Read on.

Let us stack up the two handsets against each other to determine the better smartphone, worth spending your money on. The following comparison comprises of three major categories, such as performance, unique features and fingerprint technology.


The two smartphones make use of the ARM based chipset, coming at par in terms of performance. Apple equipped the iPhone with A7 chipset, empowered with the first ever 64-bit technology in a smartphone. The dual cores of the processor run at a frequency of 1.3GHz. In addition, a decent 1GB of RAM powers the handset. However, the lower RAM may become a reason for concern in case the company has plans of releasing any additional 64-bit applications, in future.

The iOS user interface is user-friendly. Navigation on the handset is simple and easy. A plethora of premium applications equipped in the App Store is a great feat, but the handset lacks in terms of customization.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 offers a smooth performance with its powerful Snapdragon 801 chipset. It is coupled with quad core processor, with all cores clocked at frequency of 2.5GHz. A RAM of 2GB ensures lag free working. In addition, the GS5 offers several options for customization.

Samsung has taken additional steps to ensure security of the handset. The handset comes equipped with Knox security, which effectively counters malware threat by scanning apps from the Play Store before installing.

The iOS offers more secure operating system, but the GS5 comes with a Secure Android container, which can aptly be controlled with a third party software.

Unique Features

Both the smartphones integrate unique features.

The Siri feature equipped in the iPhone is a renowned personal assistant. You can look up for information in your phone by talking into it. You need to press and hold the Home Button to complete the task. On the other hand, iOS incorporates iTunes, iCloud, Apple Maps and Air Drop features.

The heart rate monitor is another unique feature equipped in the GS5 handset.

Fingerprint Technology

Both the smartphones consist of fingerprint scanners. The iPhone 5S comprises of the Touch ID feature, whereby the user can unlock the iPhone and make payments without the need to put in the password.

On the other hand, the Samsung Galaxy S5 handset is equipped with a fingerprint scanner. The user has to swipe the finger across the screen to unlock the screen and make payments. However, in practice the Galaxy S5 falls short of performance.

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