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Nintendo Will Discontinue Nintendo 3DS XL Soon, New Handheld Coming


Earlier, we reported that Nintendo has filed a patent for an emulator that would allow their Gameboy Color and Gameboy Advance games to run on smartphones besides other devices.

The patent even included the option to make these games run on monitors mounted on the back seat of airplanes. We are really not sure what the company is up to but they are definitely looking forward to step into the next generation so as to woo young gamers who are not so familiar with their Super Mario Bros or Donkey Kong classics.

While bringing it to smartphones is one effort, the company is also planning to introduce an all new handheld console as well as a cheap home console according to earlier reports. All plans point to 2015 and in the wake of these upcoming announcements, they have officially declared that the 3DS XL console will be discontinued in their home region Japan. They have confirmed that it will help them focus on the upcoming handheld console which doesn’t have any leaks so far.

A Great Handheld console

Nintendo 3DS XL is definitely a console that boosted the company to great heights. It got originally launched on October 11 and within the first two days of its launch, the hardware sold over 230,000 units which is definitely an amazing accomplishment for the company. The console is similar to the older 3DS console but it featured a bigger screen, had more powerful hardware to allow games to run much better and included a right handed analog stick to make gaming more immersive than it already is in the 3D enabled handheld console.

Official Announcement

The company made the announcement on their Japanese website and it was translated by the local media so that the content could be shared worldwide. Even though, Nintendo has decided to get rid of the bigger version of the console, the 3DS will continue to be manufactured and sold around the globes. Besides, there are plenty in stock that has to be distributed which will still be available in Europe as well as UK next year.

The console is slowly making its way into other markets but as with their tradition, they have already sold enough units in Japan, their home market, and they are looking forward to expanding their horizons with an all new handheld console. It is exciting to see the company that made so many innovations working on something new but you may have to wait more to see what it is.