Nokia may have folded as a mobile phone giant, as they have entered into the arms of Microsoft. One of the big mistakes made by the company was their stubbornness not to talk to the Android operating system. Now that the Nokia mobile phone division is part of Microsoft, it is almost certain that Android phones will not be adopted in a full-fledged manner. A couple of Android devices that the company made, in the last few years, were the Nokia X and Nokia XL.


The Nokia X and Nokia XL represented a significant milestone for the company, which has tested a few other operating systems like MeeGo, without much success, since it ran on the Android OS. Unlike other mainstream Android phones from the likes of Samsung and HTC, the Nokia phones are quite different in terms of the user interface. This is largely because of the Microsoft funding, towards its later years, since Microsoft prevented the company from going in for a full-fledged Android OS. Instead, it comes with the open source version of the Google’s popular operating system for mobile phones.

Even though this prevented users with the ability to access the Play Store, which remains as one of the main pulling factors of Android, users are still capable of getting the device to run most of the apps designed for Android.


It is very clear from the beginning that these phones are targeted at the entry level smartphone buyers. The Nokia X comes with a 4 inch display that has a mediocre resolution of 480 x 800 pixels. Given that this is not one of the larger displays available, like other Android phones, this resolution does its job rather well. The same resolution, however, cannot handle the 5 inch display on the Nokia XL and it suffers from poor pixel density. The presence of a larger display, though, will be enough to convince many in favor of the Nokia XL.


Internal memory is a disappointment with only 4 GB on offer, which makes the presence of microSD card slots more of a necessity. Both phones can support up to 32 GB cards and it is almost imperative that buyers use this feature to expand the memory from the start.


Even though many phones have impressed with their camera quality, the Nokia XL and Nokia X suffer from being entry-level smartphones. The former comes with a five megapixel camera which does have some important features like LED flash and face detection. The Nokia X, however, has a 3.15 megapixel camera that is just about enough to take photos. It even lacks features like flash and it makes night photography especially difficult on this phone. Further, it also has a very small sensor (1/5” compared to the 1/4” on the Nokia XL).

Prices of the Nokia XL are extremely low with unlocked phones costing around $130 while the Nokia X is even cheaper at around $100. The smaller Nokia X uses a 1500 mAh battery while the larger Nokia XL comes with a 2000 mAh battery.

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