The end of November was marked with a sales frenzy as almost every retailer and e-commerce website tried to sell off their stocks as much as possible.

People just can’t justify buying many of them but the discounts were too good to resist. The same goes for the Steam Exploration Sale which was a grand success and recorded millions of transactions in the Black Friday, Cyber Monday week. Many amazing game titles were on huge discounts like Lord of the Rings Shadow of Mordor, South Park Stick of Truth among many others.

In the last two days, there were some notable old yet noteworthy games including Saints Row IV, Far Cry 3, Grand Theft Auto IV, Call of Duty Ghosts, Fall Out and even the newly released Borderlands the Pre Sequel. The entire sale day was a definite success and it had players running after it to buy as many great titles as possible. If you were one of them, we are sure your Steam account would now be overflowing with lots of new games as well as those backlogs that are still waiting to be touched just like it happened during the last sale.

Fall Sale is a Possibility

Most gamers and industry experts opine that this is not the fall sale. Steam would definitely host a much bigger fall sale which would bring in more new titles with heavy discounts as well as allow gamers another week’s time to buy anything that they might have missed during the Steam Exploration Sale. The month of December has already started and this expected sale should most probably run towards the end of the month right before New Year.

It is definitely a great time to be a PC gamer because there were discounts on almost every game you could think of. A lot of good titles right from huge AAA ones to Indies and other interesting co-op games, racing, fighting among other genres were on sale. You would definitely appreciate buying a lot of them especially if you own a good gaming rig and would like some amazing titles to be on it.

Besides, the Steam Exploration Sale would help you ramp up your collection so that you have some good ones to play when the Steam machine launches in 2015. The developers at Valve confirmed that it is indeed coming as planned next year and if it does, it’s definitely going to be a tough time for the consoles to prove their mettle.

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