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WhatsApp Free Download – Top 12 Tips and Tricks for Android and iOS


WhatsApp is one of the most used messaging mobile applications out there, with over 600 million users and it was bought by the well known social website Facebook.

If you are new to it, below we will give you some tips and tricks for WhatsApp, which you will find very useful.

Disabling auto-download

If you have a data plan that has only 1-2GB, every single MB will count. This is why you will want to disable the auto-download feature that is enabled by default on WhatsApp. With other words, every single photo you receive on WhatsApp is automatically downloaded whether you want or not.

To disable this feature, go to Settings->Chat Settings->Auto Download and switch it off or let it enabled when your device uses the Wi-Fi connection.

Backing up and restoring your chats

All the WhatsApp chats are automatically saved by the application, everyday at 4AM. You can do it manually also by going to Settings->Chat Settings->Backup conversations on your Android or to Settings->Chat Settings->Chat Backup on iOS.

To restore the chats, simply uninstall and install back WhatsApp and once it detects the backup file, it will ask you if you want to restore it. Simply tap restore and the deleted messages will be recovered.

Hiding “Last Seen”

If you don’t want others to see when you were last seen on WhatsApp you can turn this feature off by going to Settings->Account->Privacy and set Last Seen timestamp OFF.

Hiding “Last Seen” whatsapp

Changing the phone number on WhatsApp

It’s quite easy to change the phone number on WhatsApp without worrying about messages and all the data you have on the actual number. To change the number on your WhatsApp, just go to Settings->Account->Change number and insert your old number followed by your new number.

Getting notifications on your PC

If you install the desktop notifications on your smartphone, you can link it to your Chrome or Firefox notifications extensions, and you will be updated with the new notifications you get on your mobile phone.

Find where your friend is

Are you waiting for a friend for quite some time in a coffee shop and you got tired of waiting? Is he telling you that he’s on his way? Tell him to tap on the arrow icon next to the text box in order to share his location. You can also see if the location is from the smartphone’s GPS or if he entered it. If the address was generated by the GPS, it will appear as a dropped pin. In case the address is manually entered, it will appear near the dropped pin.

Find where your friend is

Get rid of the two blue ticks

The new blue ticks that were added to WhatsApp made a lot of people angry, because everyone is able to know when you’ve read the messages they sent to you, which is quite annoying. However, if you set your smartphone to Airplane mode before you check the messages, you will be able to read the messages without activating the blue ticks.

Another option is to downgrade to the previous version of WhatsApp, where the blue ticks are not yet available.

Sending mass messages privately

This works like the BCC on an email, which means you will be able to send a message to the persons you select at once.

Go to the top-left side on the WhatsApp Chats window and search for Boardcast Lists. Tap on it and create a new list of contacts that you want to send the message. After selecting the contacts, write the message and send it like you would send a normal message.

Creating conversations shortcuts on your homescreen

If you use to talk a lot with a person, you can add a shortcut to your homescreen. This way, with a single tap, you will open WhatsApp with the chat open with the specific person or group.

To do this, tap and hold the chat with that person or group and a new tap will pop up. You will then select “add conversation shortcut” and you will see the shortcut created on your mobile homescreen. Keep in mind that this works only on Android as it was not added on the iOS yet.

Creating conversations shortcuts on your homescreen


Lock your WhatsApp

If you usually hand your device to your friend to take a picture or to make a short phone call, then you should consider locking your WhatsApp application. As you already know, you don’t need a password to open WhatsApp on your device. This means that anyone who gets their hands on your device will be able to open your WhatsApp and read all your messages from there. However, if you install WhatsApp Lock, you will be able to add a password, which will be required to open the WhatsApp application.

Protecting your privacy while in a group chat

You’re probably added to some random groups that you don’t want to share some personal information about yourself, such as the profile picture, status or last seen.

To hide this kind of personal information, go to Settings->Privacy and set your Profile picture, status and last seen to “only your contacts” or even “nobody”. It is always better to keep safe your personal information from strangers.

Keeping group chats silenced

If you are added in several group chats you should try and “silence” them, as you most likely will not want to get notified by every single message it’s been written there.

Keeping group chats silenced

You can mute the group by tapping on the group chat and select group info. There, you will find the Mute option, which can be set for 8hours, 1 week or one year.