Microsoft is a name that has established itself in the world of technology.

However, this has not been easy to achieve for Microsoft, as they have had to face numerous hurdles. In order to deal with many of these issues, Microsoft kept rolling out updates for their products, and in this way, they’ve kept on improving and perfecting themselves.

What has made them achieve so big is actually not the belief in change, but the belief in trying out this change.

Assuming things went according to plan at Microsoft, with the release of Windows 8; this update would have changed the world in many aspects, as we all know it. Initially, when Microsoft launched Windows 8, they had in mind the fact that the future of technology is very rapid and it is advancing in huge leaps and bounds. They thought there won’t be a time when they will be competing head to head with other players in the industry.

Back then, when Windows 8 was launched, it was among the first operating systems to even come up with the idea of touch screen applications. No one had thought about the future of technology being around touch screen devices; but Microsoft did, when they released Windows 8.

If is for this reason that the company came up with a large collection of touch screen-friendly buttons. Nevertheless, one big thing that has really worked in favor of Windows 8 is the provision for users to customize features. Below are a few tips and tricks to help you use Windows 8 like a pro.

Pin Apps on the Start Screen

If you have any programs and or applications that you use on a regular basis, it is now possible to pin them on the start screen for ease of access. This does not work just with applications and programs; you can also pin folders, documents and almost anything that is in a file or folder format on your PC on the start screen. In this way, you’ll see these programs and folders on the very first screen when you switch on your PC.

Resizing Tiles

Windows 8 is all about visual appeal. It comes with graphics support that has never been seen before in previous versions, among them, the looks evident on the start screen. You can adjust the start screen according to your preferences and with the tiles on the screen; you can resize them to fit your preferences. The adjusted tiles offer different functionalities and you’ll often find various aspects of the software application and what they hold, displayed in miniature looks.

In order to customize a tile, you can go to the upper right corner and when an arrow appears, click on it. Doing the clicking multiple times will auto adjust the tiles according to the way you want them. This feature is very amazing and you should try it.

 Customize Start Screen

Windows 8 is again all about personalization and or customization. This is something many users of this operating system have failed to get hold of. Most of them have no idea of what power this operating system has.

In Windows 8, you can change the theme and color of your start screen as well as the appearance of the task bar and a host of other elements on the start screen. In order to do this, go to the task bar and while there, right click on it and from the resulting menu, select properties.  Follow it by clicking on Personalize and then choose start screen. From here, you can make all the changes you desire and in this way, you’ll truly make the computer your own.

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