Apple plans to release the Apple Watch sometime in early 2015. Smart watches comprise a relatively new category of wearable electronic devices. Of course, consumer sentiment hasn’t been overwhelmingly positive about such devices.

They haven’t exactly responded by purchasing millions of these watches after all. This particular segment of devices is still expected to grow rapidly in the coming months. Therefore, it’s no surprise that Apple is looking to get into the action, and the company has big plans for its device.

A Summary Of The Apple Watch

Initially, three models of the Apple Watch will be released, along with numerous band options. The watch runs on a new S1 processor designed specifically for this device. NFC (Apple Pay), Bluetooth 4.0, and Wi-Fi technologies are found on this smart watch. It features an accelerometer, heart rate sensor, and a gyroscope, among other sensors. For everyday use, each Apple Watch must be paired with an iPhone running iOS 8.2 or later. The device will feature inductive charging and apps developed by Apple and third-party companies.

What about the apps for this smart watch?

Every Apple Watch will come with its own stock apps, much like a smartphone. From there, Apple will steadily develop and release its own apps for the device. Current apps slated for the device include fitness apps, Apple Pay, and others. Users can receive calls, texts, and iMessages from their paired iPhone on the device, too. The watch works with Apple TV and even functions as a walkie talkie or viewfinder under certain circumstances. Luckily, Apple intends to have plenty of third-party app support when the device launches in 2015.

Apple is tasking third-party companies with creating apps for the Apple Watch. Some of these apps will be scaled down versions of existing apps, such as Facebook or others. However, plans are in place for plenty of standalone apps designed specifically for Apple Watch. A development kit is currently available for app developers to create smartwatch apps with. Chances are high that the device will launch with dozens of third-party apps available so that users can download the apps they can’t live without.

Obviously, Apple Watch won’t launch with millions of apps available, like the iPhone and iPad’s App Store. The more apps available to device owners, the better off Apple Watch will be in the long run, though. Smart watches haven’t proven themselves in high demand, since they come with various shortcomings and weaknesses right now. Most users feel like there’s a lack of app development and support on existing watches. Fortunately, Apple seems to be working hard to avoid this very issue.

Anticipation For The Apple Watch Growing

As Spring 2015 approaches, the hype surrounding this device continues to grow. Consumers and analysts are excited to see how Apple handles its first smartwatch. Apple Watch isn’t going to be a guaranteed success, but the device comes with enough features to set itself above alternatives from the competition. By offering plenty of apps and features, Apple can improve its chances of creating a hit wearable device. A high quality build and various band options makes the watch even more desirable to consumers, too.

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