Security is something in which no compromise can be made, especially when you live in a digital era, where hacking and imminent threats are a daily affair.

Now, the question is, is there something called the best free antivirus 2014 that could protect you without paying a penny? After all, why would a company give you software for free and let you use it without any benefit? As a matter of fact, you can get rid of this worry, because they do benefit a lot by providing you free software and the user base literally helps them grow in multiple ways.

How Free Works?

Software developers and companies spend so much of their resources into free antivirus programs, because they have a reason. It helps them gain virus database, malware, spyware and so many issues that affect your PC. This in turn helps them create the most comprehensive database and also create a program that could protect against such attacks.

The more powerful an antivirus is, the stronger the company will be, which will help them acquire enterprise clients and also establish innovative security solutions for the entire industry. So, it helps you secure yourself and the company. You don’t have to wonder why they would protect you for free.

The Best Free Antivirus Choices Available

The market has a lot of free antivirus programs and you might find yourself spoiled for choice, because there are so many. We will short list some of the best from the ones available and help you make an informed decision. The sole purpose, of using such a program is to defend yourself against threats, like spyware, malware and viruses that eventually lead to hacking. These are the ones that you could go for.

AVG – Definitely the lightest of them all, AVG has been a customer favorite for many years and is very easy on your system resources. It doesn’t hog down performance which definitely helps win it more points than others.

Panda – A not so popular one but definitely worthy to take note of because it has won the top scores in the latest free antivirus tests and will definitely provide you the strongest possible protection.

Avira – It has been in the industry for a long time and it provides much more than that with its browser toolbar. It scans the links and notifies you in case a blacklisted website tries to lure you in it. That’s antivirus and internet security bundled into one.

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