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Free Google Maps Download – What’s New On Google Maps?


Getting around might not be as easy as one may think, especially if they are not acclimatized to a certain location. The new technology has introduced ways to counter the common challenges by the use of Smartphones, which are installed with applications that perform amazing functions. One of the top apps that help in providing the right direction to the users is the Google Maps. Owned and designed by Google, the app has received constant updates, and the new version comes with new features. There are new features and functionalities in the new Google Maps, which are meant to fix the daily hitches. Here are some of the top features that you will enjoy in the app;

  1. Access Maps Offline

It was possible to access a location offline, with the previous version. However, this was only possible when you wanted to view your last visited area, mostly the one on the screen. But with the new update, this feature has been integrated, and it is easier to use as well. The new release lets you label and store the maps in specific locations, for the sake of searching them whenever you need them, even offline.

Using The Feature

  • Search The Location. You will first need to search the location that you intend to visit at that time. You might choose the whole city, or you could simply choose a particular neighborhood.
  • Get The Location Card. You will then slide up on the screen, which will pop out a Location Card of the particular area. This will let you view particular information related to the area, and you can also choose to access the Street View.
  • Save The Map. Below the pop out, you will see an option that lets you save the map for offline use. When you have saved the map, it will appear back on the screen, letting you access it either by zooming in or out, then you will tap on the Save button. When naming the map, you might select the suggestions provided by Google, or enter your own name.

The image will take some seconds to store, which will depend on the size of the location, in terms of zooming in, and the scope in general. The map can then be accessed by opening the home screen, which you will then tap the icon that looks like a person. This will let you view the map that you saved, and can be accessed, even without the internet

  1. Knowing Which Lane To Use When Driving

Another great feature that is found on the app is the ability to know the lane that you should switch to, or maintain, when you are driving. The previous versions were sort of retarded in alerting you about the lane to choose. The new free Google Maps will allow you to stay safe on the road, and access the instructions easier.

Using It

Search for directions. You will need to search the particular direction that you need to access when driving. When you have searched for the driving directions you will receive a tiny white box that is found at the top left corner of the screen.

You will be able to view the number of lanes that are present on the given road that you intend to use. The lanes will be described if they are the turn-only lanes, and you will also know the correct lane to be on. This can help you to stay out of small accidents caused by using the wrong lanes.

  1. Specify The Arrival and Departure Time Of Public Transport

If you constantly use a bus or train, then this feature will come handy, whereby you will be able to know the departure and arrival time of the bus or train, which goes well with your timetable. You will also know when the last bus or train will leave the station at night.

You will also need to search for the particular means, whether a bus or train, related to your location. The chosen route will pop out, which you will need to tap on the tiny gray box at the top that indicates the Departure time. When you tap on the Depart at icon, you will see a box at the base of the screen, which will then allow you to select the time and date. A great feature is that you will specify the time that you need to arrive or depart. The Last button will let you see the final bus or train available, and when you are through, you will press the Done button.

  1. Order An Uber Ride

You might not be able to catch a train, and if there isn’t any taxi around. In such a situation, you can utilize the Uber option, which lets you get the fastest option to your destination. Using the feature, you will get to know the fastest means, whether it is by public transport, walking, or taking a taxi. The Uber option will allow you to see the time taken for an Uber to get to your specified destination.

When you need to use this option, you will search the specified direction the normal way, and at the base, you will see the option Get an Uber. When you select it, you will know the time taken by the Uber to reach your destination. If the means provided by Uber will be faster than the one you previously preferred, the time will be shown in green. But it will be in orange in the route is slower.

  1. Search For Locations by Filter

The Google Maps now lets you search for places around you with filters, which makes it easier, compared to the previous versions. The filters include the price, the rating or hours. For instance, if you select a café or a restaurant, the results will be shown in a more detailed way. You will also look for businesses around you, in relation to their price and rating. There are also options to choose if you want suggestions of businesses that are just open, or those that are from your Circles.

Basically, the new Google Maps is more advanced in terms of its functionalities, and to top it all, it can be freely downloaded from Play Store, which is very helpful to your direction needs.