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GTA 6 Release Date, Location And New Characters Speculations


Grand Theft Auto 5 marked its one-year anniversary on September 17th. However, while the GTA 5 game’s excitement is still high, GTA fans are already expecting word on information about the next new game, Grand Theft Auto 6. And with the vague information given by the game’s developers, eager players cannot help but speculate and trust rumors regarding the new game’s release. This is from its planned location, to its release date, new improved features and new characters in the game. Below are some of these detailed rumors and speculations on GTA 6:
GTA 6 Expected Release Date

Rumors surfacing from multiple media channels say that Grand Theft Auto 6 will be released on July 2017. This is two to three years earlier as once predicted by one popular media outlet early this year.

Actually, Rockstar Games has not said anything about the game comprehensively, but has plunged a few clues here and there in various interviews. In one interview conducted by Develop, Rockstar North Head, Leslie Benzies exposed how they had lots of ideas on how to build the new game. He also said that three years would be sufficient to have everything made out, planned accordingly and all ideas incorporated in their plan. This calls to show that the idea of crafting Grand Theft Auto 6 has been in the minds of GTA developers for some time now.

Besides the interview hints, several YouTube gamers describe 2017 as a sensible year to launch the game. This is because the year 2017 would mark the twentieth anniversary for all Grand Theft Auto games. This is of course when following their release trends since their inception.

GTA6: When? Where? Who?

Speculated GTA 6 Location

Speculation about the game’s location revolves around Paris, London, Brazil and Las Vegas. However, DJ Whoo Kid, an artist whose albums have once been featured in Grand Theft Auto games, commented in an interview that GTA 6 would be returning to Liberty City. Thus, New York could just be the setting for Grand Theft Auto 6.

Conversely, IBT foretold that Vice City would be the next logical location for the new game. Basically, this assumption looks more favorable as the channel remembers it to be the scene left intact during the Xbox / PlayStation 2 trilogy. It is also the fictional correspondent of Miami and one that coincides with the games franchise.

In these locations, you will have the ability to go anywhere you wish and buy costly things like cars, apartments and even weapons. If you start your story duties, you will possess a chain of quests, which will help you progress and unlock latest features of the new game. Besides being based in Vice City, rumor has it that a novel Asian character will be introduced as the main one, to be called John Marston. How true that is, nobody really knows.

New Rumored Features and Characters

Rumored features from various media outlets show that the new game will have new professions, house changes, new places and character customization. Character customization will allow players to create their own characters, which is something many games have not explored outside the multiplayer suite. More fun will be on the many vehicles, clothes and missions to be included in the game too. This speculation comes from an interpretation of what Rockstar North co-founder, said during the launching of GTA 5. He contemplated that besides GTA’s D.N.A feeling more America-ish, contemporary-ish and English speaking-ish, it wasn’t limited to that. They were yet to add more details in it.

Another big rumor associated with new characters in the game is that there was a major possibility of boasting a female lead protagonist. GTA 5 author once said that it would be possible to create a female head character, but they didn’t really know which game the lead character would be positioned. Dan Houser also added that whatever game that would be, GTA fans would be in love with the character.

GTA 6 Expected Platform Release

GTA 6 will be accessible in all the new platforms like Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The new game is also expected to be available for other devices like the Xbox 360, PC Version and PS3. Additionally, GTA 6 will be available for PS5 too, but only if it will have been released before the launch of the new game. Being a rumor, this sounds more materialized and true, based on the current GTA 5 drift.

Speculation About The Price

Up until now, the only thing that has not been speculated about the new GTA 6 is the price. This is because none of the other details is proven true and no media channel has come up with a logical price quote. However, looking at how close the price difference between other games is, GTA 6 would not be too costly for gamers. This is besides the new features that will be included in it.

Everything about GTA 6 remains to be rumors and assumptions, but many gamers are very delighted with the thought that there will be a new installment coming soon. And if the speculations are true, you can anticipate GTA 6 to be launched sometime in 2017 as a twenty-year anniversary of all Grand Theft Auto games. You can also expect the new game to be set in either Miami or New York City. And with the new features expected to be in the game, you wouldn’t want to miss it for anything.

However, no official news from Rockstar concerning GTA 6 and the rumors have been confirmed. The developers have been quite busy with the upgrading of GTA Online and hence exhausted all their time and resources. This is why it has been much understandable why they would not want to reveal any announcements about the game. Nevertheless, the company did affirm that they would love the GTA series to return to all towns of the earlier GTA titles. They also added that they would love the players to fly between these towns and revisit their desired areas.


Since the much awaited game is estimated to be out somewhere in 2017, Rockstar Games will presumably come with much information on the state of progress somewhere in the year 2015. Thus, it is worth waiting to get full, accurate and detailed information about the game.