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iPhone 6 vs. Samsung Galaxy S5 – Important Specs Comparison


Samsung and Apple have always had wars, in relation to their phone models. The war began when the first iPhone was launched, and ever since, the two companies have been great rivals. Their rivalry is based on which company manufactures top Smartphones, which is a great benefit to the users. One of the top Smartphones of these companies is the Samsung Galaxy S5, and the iPhone 6. The two phones vary in terms of display and functionality. Here is a comparison of the two, in relation to the camera specs and features, dimension and the screen display.


The major difference between the two is the dimension, which is visible and very easy to compare. The iPhone 6 is smaller than the Samsung Galaxy S5, which is considered the slimmest Smartphone in the world. The iPhone measures 5.44, by 2.64, by 0.27 inches, and it has a weight of 129 grams. On the other hand, the Galaxy S5 measures 5.59 inches, by 2.85inches, by 0.32 inches, and with a weight of 145g.

So basically, the iPhone is lighter, and slimmer, making it a great phone for the on-the-go moments. You can fit it in your pocket easily, without it causing discomfort. And you may easily carry it along as you go, and you might not feel its weight. With the dimensions of the iPhone, you will be able to stay with it in your hand for a longer time.

You can operate both the phones using one hand, which is not such a challenging aspect. For instance, the phone can be locked with just the thumb, using one hand. The S5 lets you gesture at it on the screen, which will shrink it, and the iPhone 6 will only need a gentle double tap. This is the Touch ID Sensor that will slide down the items that are on top of the screen for clear visibility.

The Samsung S5 has a plastic cover, which feels comfortable in the hand, and it is also waterproof and dust resistant. Since it is dust and water-resistant, it will be more comfortable to carry it in your hand, without worrying of other contaminants like dust or water.

The S5 also has rounded corners, the iPhone on the other hand has a very sleek design, along with it being super slim. So the iPhone 6 becomes the most idea phone to carry around, especially when you want to use it more frequently as you are moving.

Screen Display

The Galaxy S5 comes with a bigger display of 5.1 inches, giving you a bigger screen display, compared to the iPhone 6 that has a screen of 4.7 inches.

  • The display. The Samsung Galaxy will display media at 100% of its 5.1 inch screen, which is very comfortable to the user. The iPhone 6 4.7 inch screen is compressed, and the display will be at about 85%.
  • Resolution. The Samsung Galaxy S5 also takes the lead in the screen resolution, which is higher compared to the iPhone 6. The S5 has a full HD high resolution of 1080p, with a 432 ppi pixel density. The iPhone 6 on the contrary has a resolution of 750 by 1334, implying that the pixel density is 326ppi.
  • Screen Feature. The iPhone 6 has an IPS LCD panel, which has an LED backlit. Conversely, the Samsung S5 has a Super AMOLED screen, making it well protected and have an elegant display.
  • Viewing Angles. Both the phones will have a nice view from different angles, which makes you view your screen in a more comfortable manner. However, the S5 has bright colors, whereas the iPhone 6 appears more genetic.


Another great difference between the two is that they have different camera features, which produces varying images and video qualities. One major difference is noted in the iPhone 6 camera, which is a mere 8MP, with an iSight function. Other features and functions present in the iPhone 6 include the following;

  • Phase detection autofocus. With this option, you can tap on a scene on the screen of the camera, then press the shutter button. This will automatically make the selected scene sharper and the other areas blurred.
  • Slo-mo Video. You can also record your videos at slow motions, which will be recorded at 240 frames per seconds. This is supposedly the highest slow motion video recording, compared to the S5, which also record slow motion videos, but at a normal speed.

The Galaxy S5 is the best video recorder, which will record high quality videos of 4000p at 30 frames per second. It also has a digital stabilization, also present in iPhone 6, that is restricted to videos of 1080p at 60 frames per seconds. The primary camera of the S5 is a 16MP, which captures high quality pictures. The Galaxy S5 also has an LED flash that is a dual tone, making it great to use in a dark setting.

For the Front Camera, the S5 takes the lead, with a nice 2MP, and the front camera can also record 1080p videos. On the other hand, the iPhone 6 front camera is of 1.2MP, and it also has a Facetime feature, but records videos in 720p. The Galaxy S5 is a great option for takings selfies, and with the waterproof ability, you can also enjoy taking photos at the swimming pool.

The advantage of iPhone 6 is that it will reduce the low quality of the photos, making images sharper, and visible even when zooming. This is an amazing feature that surpasses the Galaxy S5, despite it having a higher megapixel. When it comes to low-light shooting, the iPhone 6 is the most ideal, which will not have too much white color of the images.


The iPhone 6 is a great phone that has many features, and in addition, it is easy to carry around. The camera features are one of the top considerations of this phone. It is also very slim, which can be carried around easily, and operated using a single hand. The Galaxy S5 is a phone that is great to use outdoors, especially with its dust and waterproof features. This makes it a tough phone, which is also better in terms of security, thanks to the Fingerprint Sensor.