Ryse Son of Rome did a decent run on the Xbox One console; but as it didn’t become the next exclusive like Halo or Gears of War, Microsoft decided to bring it to the PC with amazing 4K support and some immersive graphical additions.

But, if you have read the reviews and were wondering whether it is worth to spend the money, then this is the time to do so. The game is already on sale on Steam and Amazon websites.

However, even if the deal has expired, you will easily find multiple deals on the game with the upcoming fall sale as well as during the Christmas shopping season. Unlike any other products, games have gained enough importance this year, because of the launch of the next gen consoles and the new improved graphics card launches for computers. Nvidia unveiled the amazing range of GTX 970 and 980 cards while AMD is not far behind. Ryse should be an apt title to test your computer’s power and maybe if you have purchased a new gfx card, then this should definitely be on your list.

Discounts and Sales Running

The entire gaming community is rife with the special Black Friday sales and Cyber Monday. The sales will continue to be up for a couple days, before which you could buy all that you would want and maybe worry about emptying your wallet at a later time. Ryse Son of Rome is now available for $30 which is not a huge discount, but it definitely saves you $10 and will also make sure you don’t go way out of your budget to buy this title.

The visual details and the unique aspect of the storyline will definitely engage you for a lot of hours. If your friends are going to purchase it as well, you might then enjoy playing co-op missions with them and some multiplayer aspects which are definitely fun additions that Crytek has introduced to the title.

Benchmark Title

Similar to Crysis, Ryse Son of Rome is now the new benchmark title for every computer and if you have a powerful rig, it would definitely look amazing on it. Most other titles wouldn’t be able to render such quality and for the enthusiasts who have already invested heavily in a 4K monitor, you have no choice but to buy this one, because there are hardly any games that support the 4K rendering.

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