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Download Temple Run 2 and You Will Never Have Boring Days Again


The original Temple Run mobile game was a huge success with hundreds of millions of downloads on iOS and Android.

Its sequel, Temple Run 2, did not disappoint the fans either, as it has lived up to everyone’s expectations. Temple Run 2 is also available to download for free in both the iOS and Android stores. If you haven’t heard of the game before, Temple Run 2 is about running endlessly towards an unknown end. You will be controlling the character as he runs, jumps, turns, and glides for as long as you can without falling to the edge, hitting obstacles, or getting caught by the devil monkey.

Simple Basic Controls

Temple Run 2 does not involve a complicated formula, using only simple gestures of your finger on the screen to control the character as he runs. You only need to memorize the basic controls such as swiping your finger to the left or right to turn or slide up or down to jump or glide. There are also coins to be collected and they are scattered in different directions. To collect the coins, you need to tilt your device to the direction of the coins and the runner will change his direction.

Easily Picked Up Mobile Game

Temple Run 2 is the perfect game to download on your device because it’s the kind of game that you can pick up any time and continue to where you left off. It’s the best companion during situations where you need to pass the time. Temple Run 2 does not require an internet connection to work, so you can play it even while you’re commuting on the bus or in the train or when you’re waiting for your turn during a doctor’s appointment. It also gives you a nice break from tedious work or you can simply play Temple Run 2 before turning the lights off before sleeping.

Temple Run 2 Has Better Graphics

Even though Temple Run 2 and Temple Run don’t differ much in gameplays, you can see where the improvements took place. The graphics in Temple Run 2 is much better in quality and you will get a richer detail. This is due to the fact that the developer built the game in Unity development platform and has enhanced the world of Temple Run 2. The sceneries are also new as you will be brought to a different setting than in Temple Run, along with the introduction of different places that include a mine, river, and ruins in the sky.

Power-ups and In-App Purchases

The new and improved Temple Run 2 is a great change from the original version without having to learn the different controls. Even the power-ups and characters are the same. The winning point that would make you want to download Temple Run 2 is its graphics and the promise of new sceneries that you will enjoy to explore. There are the same power-ups that will help you improve your scores and green gems that you also need to collect that can resurrect you every time you die in the game. In-app purchases are also available.