Are we there yet? It looks like we may just be. Virtual reality is where we are. Samsung Electronics Co. just recently introduced us to a new generation of wearable technology. The Samsung Gear VR Innovator Edition, invites it’s users to delve deep into the world of a cinematic virtual reality environment. 

With Oculus Technology at the helm, it powers up a completely new and inventive way to experience and take in mobile content. This giant step continues Samsung’s leadership in the wearable device industry with a top-shelf technology and compelling innovative designs.

Samsung’s partnership with Oculus, a Facebook company and patriarch of the virtual reality industry, have created a bond of two innovative cogs, that firmly bring the myth of virtual reality to, well..reality with an experience never witnessed prior in the industry.

The Samsung Gear VR Provides an experience unlike anything you’ve ever seen, the users eyes are catapulted into what feels like a different dimension, whisked away completely from time and space.


This unrivaled viewership experience begins with a 5.7 inch Quad HD Super AMOLED screen, and with the Galaxy Note producing visuals that are highly engaging and that will tweak all the senses at a resolution second to none. With the Gear VR innovator Edition, users get the primo seats whether it be at a theater or even rocking on-stage at a performance, 3D video at a 360 degree angle combined, officially means that the gaming world has been officially turned upside down. With video games, it’s like something rather otherworldly and stunning, a place where our imaginations transform into broad daylight, right before our very eyes.

Samsungs perpetual visual lead in the industry, Super Amoled display technology and the ahead-of-its-time Oculus-driven technologies, combine super powers to create a wallop on the senses with adding delight to excess, all on the convenience of your mobile device..yes, you heard it correctly folks.


Being that it poses as a futuristic product, naturally the design does the same thing as well. The eyepiece is bulbous and it may indeed be plastic, but it has this bright white finish that somehow spins the look into a more advanced piece of equipment. It has a dark, removable fascia that certainly isn’t a real beaut, cheaping the aesthetics a little, but that being said, this is an accessory of serious technological esteem, it’s no doubt well-built.

Connecting the Note 4 is pretty simple, by unclipping the front, a hinged docking port is revealed. The handset is a cinch to insert, locking down into place without a care in the world. Once the headset has finally been docked, the note will automatically get into Gear VR mode. That’s all she wrote, you’re good to go.

The cushioned headpiece and the elastic strap will keep things snug and in place. The headpiece is pretty comfortable and the straps are easily adjustable, even while sporting the device. The eye-encompassing headset feels soft on your face, because there is a supportive frame of foam cushioning that benefits you greatly, but occasionally pinching the bridge of the nose however.

The Final Say

Nothing short of impressive, not quite revolutionary but it’s certainly on it’s doorstep. Entertaining, engaging and at times stunning but it, like everything, has it’s limits. The one thing that stands out is it’s lack of support, so if anything will weigh down the Samsung Gear VR’s tear through the history books, is just that. There is a significant lack of practicality that poses reasonable concern. This baby though, it has hope, it has inspiration and with a few minor changes, it will have the nations captivation.

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