Emails are part and parcel of every busy person’s life.

Those kind of people who spend most of their time on computers and happen to own several Gmail accounts tend to be on the rise. Many people are running their businesses online and a lot of them run on multiple accounts for different purposes, say, work and private. If you are one of these busy people, this article might just be what you want.

How cool will it be to have all your emails in one place and in an organized manner such that whenever you need to access any of them, you can easily access them? How nice will it feel to learn that you can also have these emails right at the convenience of your handheld device that you always carry with you? Well, this is exactly what you get on your iPhone when you download the Gmail app. You can also customize the application in a way that the set preferences are tailor made to fit your personal needs or requirements.

Manage Multiple Gmail Accounts

If you are a user of an iOS device, the Gmail app is all you need to make your life with emails not a living hell. What’s even better with using this app is that you won’t have to keep carrying your laptop around, every time; of course, if its emails you carry it around for. With the Gmail app installed on your iPhone, you can add and manage up to five accounts in an effective way. You can easily switch between these accounts and with this feature; you can enjoy reading through all your different Gmail accounts.

In this way, you won’t have to go through the hassle of logging in and out of each and every account each time you want to access any of them. The app will save your information about the accounts and the details will stay put until you personally decide to remove them.

Receive Notifications for All Mails

The Gmail app for iPhones can receive notifications, but only if you turn on the push notification of the app. After so doing, you can receive notifications for all incoming emails, whether they are relevant, spam, or maybe one of those marketing emails. This scenario gets even worse when you have multiple accounts and it can really be annoying, especially if you are the busy kind of person. It is at such times that you’ll want to teach your inbox one or two lessons about how it should treat incoming emails.

Manage Notifications for Incoming Emails

The first lesson you have to teach your inbox is about categorizing emails. It is imperative that your inbox be informed of the type of emails that come in a bid to help it distinguish the relevance of the emails – whether important or unimportant. You can achieve this in several ways. You can set the specific emails you would wish to receive notifications from or prioritize the account you wish to receive notifications from.

In order to do this, go to the Menu icon located in the upper right corner of your window. The next choice is entirely dependent on you. You can decide on going with accepting notifications only from certain contacts, or choose to receive notifications for all new emails from all of your set up Gmail accounts. Furthermore, you can select the primary option only if you want to receive notifications coming from your inbox only and if you don’t want any of these notifications to trouble you at all, you can still select “None” and you won’t receive any.

In order to achieve your target, you need to repeat this process for all your Gmail accounts until the app now runs on new custom made notification preferences. Once you are done with this process for all your email accounts, you can get one thing for all of them with respect to the configuration of the Gmail app.

To download this app, you can visit the official iTunes App Store. Avoid downloading apps from unknown websites as this might lead to downloading counterfeit programs that might be carrying malwares.

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