The Roku series of set top boxes and Google Chromecast digital media player has grabbed the attention of TV-lovers for a while now.

With both promising to deliver useful features, choosing the better one has been a confusing task for prospective set top box buyers. While both the units have various features, we have put both the devices on test to check out which one is the better performer.


The interface of Roku is very simple to operate. There are some simple menus consisting of big block graphics that can be operated through the four-way arrow controller. The basic theme of the interface features a purple colored theme. To simplify things completely, there is a home button which takes the user to the home menu if he feels lost in the menu.

On the other hand, Chromecast is slightly complicated. The main menu comprises of the discrete Chromecast button. The main complexity involved in operations is that the user must ensure that the website or app supports Chromecast; the ones which don’t support cannot be accessed as the icons won’t appear.

Winner: Roku

Design and Hardware

When it comes to hardware, both the devices share the basic approach as both are small sized dongles that plugs into the HDMI port available on every TV and connects through Wi-Fi. The devices require power in order to function, so a USB port is used for rendering sufficient energy. There is an additional option in the Roku device which allows users to use a main adapter for power.

Winner: Roku


Although the basic components and features provided by both the devices are somewhat similar, there is a remarkable difference in their respective price. The Roku Streaming Stick costs $49; while you get an opportunity to save $14 by buying Google Chromecast. The availability of remote is a considerable factor as you don’t get one with Chromecast. However, this is not a major issue for the users who prefer to save $14 over the availability of remote control.

Winner: Chromecast

Final Verdict

The Roku Streaming Stick is the better device in terms of performance and interface. Being a part of the Roku series, this device has several features that meet the expectations of the users. However, there are several of individuals who prefer Chromecast, thanks to its reasonable cost and association with Google. Overall, prospective users having economical budget can go with Chromecast while interface-lovers should prefer Roku to raise their TV-viewing experience.

TV Roku vs. Chromecast – Choose the Better Unit for Enhanced TV-Viewing Experience