A secret nobody tells you is that the speed of your device depends more on the RAM, than on the processor power and speed.

And the problem with the Android devices is that the OS takes too much RAM, leaving less RAM for other uses, such as games, applications and internet browsing. The result is a slower device, one which can cause stress to users. Smartphones use RAM for data transfer and the more capacity there is on a device, the easier is for the device to run several operations at the same time.

How Much RAM Do Devices Have?

At the moment, the highest RAM capacity found in an Android device is 3 GB. That has become the standard with flagship devices such as the Note 4, Nexus 6, Droid Turbo and some others. Smartphones released during the first four or five months of 2014 are stuck to 2 GB RAM.

Why Does Your Phones Gets Slower with Time?

Once you start up the device for the first time, your OS will take the RAM it needs to properly function, and leave the rest for applications. But we install new and new applications at least once a week. All those applications use RAM. Even though the Android operating system is pretty rational when it comes to RAM usage, once you’ve used it for several months, it is dramatically slower. Non rooted device must limit the amount of widgets and live wallpapers, as they also take up RAM. Some of the applications work in the background and reduce the speed of the device.

How to Limit Applications?

To limit the amount of applications running in the background, you must go to Settings, Applications, and then Application manager. There, you’ll get a full report of all the applications installed on your device. If you like to deactivate an application, enter it, and click disable. Disabling some applications can cause problems in the proper functioning of the device. Therefore, you should disable only the applications you are sure of.

Clean the Cache

One way to increase the speed of your device is to regularly clean the cache memory. There are tons of applications you’ll find in the Play Store. However, we’d recommend Clean Master as one of the best. Cleaning the cache automatically disables applications working in the background, but in a safe way.

Install RAM Expander

If your device is rooted, and supports microSD card, you can increase the RAM of the device and therefore, speed it up. A good RAM expander application is the one ROEHSOFT’s RAM Expander. Before you download the application, make sure to check if your device is compatible. You can do it with the MemoryInfo and Swapfile Check.

If your phone is compatible, you can start RAM Expander and allow root access to the application. Choose an optimal value for a partition, and you’ll get faster and more powerful device. It is worth noting that with RAM Expander, your microSD card won’t be available for use on personal computers.

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