Before Microsoft released the Surface Pro 3, there were many rumors saying that the company is working on a Surface Mini edition tablet also. Back then, it was rumored that the Surface Mini will come along with the Surface Pro 3, but that didn’t happen.

According to GforGames, Microsoft has indeed aimed to announce their Surface Pro 3 and Surface Mini at the same time, but the company decided in the last moment to not do that. Some new rumors from the UDN Chinese blog revealed that the Microsoft Surface Mini will be announced this month, but for now Microsoft didn’t confirm anything regarding this device.

Microsoft released their Surface Pro 3 back in June 2014 and according to The Verge, in 2013 the Surface brought around 400 million dollars to the company, while in 2014 the Surface already brought more than 908 million dollars.

Nobody knows why the announcement of Surface Mini was delayed, but in concordance with GforGames, Microsoft might have felt that the Mini tablet will not be sold as good as they wanted, at the moment. They also wanted to fully concentrate on selling their Surface Pro 3 as well as possible. Now, that the Surface Pro 3 fever ended, Microsoft might think to finally announce their Surface Mini at the end of this month, most likely sometime near Christmas.

Surface Mini specifications

There are not many things that are known about the Surface Mini, but it will come with a display screen that will have either 8inches or 10.1inches. The tablet will most likely run on Windows 10. New rumors say that shortly after Microsoft will announce their Surface Mini, they will also announce the Surface Pro 4 in Q1 of 2015, which will run on Windows 10 also. Since both the Surface Mini and Surface Pro 4 tablets will run on Windows 10, they will most likely be released sometime in the middle of 2015.

According to GforGames, in case the Surface Mini will be released this month, it will most likely run on Windows 8 and we will hear more official information about it from Microsoft, regarding specs, the OS that will run on etc.

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