WhatsApp is a messenger service that’s designed to replace regular SMS messaging. By choosing WhatsApp, users can save money because they won’t be charged for text messaging.

The app works on each phone’s data plan rather than a messaging plan. Each user stands to slash their monthly phone bill thanks to this app. Recently. WhatsApp has risen above other apps in the crowded sector of free messenger apps on smartphones. There are reasons why this particular app is a leader today.

Performance and Reliability That’s Unparalleled

Currently, dozens of other free messenger apps are available across various mobile platforms. This includes Kik, Viber, WeChat, and even Facebook Messenger. WhatsApp has a leg up on the competition in the performance department, though. When users send messages, they are sent and delivered almost instantaneously to other users. Few messages are lost in translation, so users know their messages are being sent promptly. Images and audio files are sent nearly as quickly, and they won’t disappear or fail to get delivered.

A Strong Group Messaging Infrastructure

Most instant messaging apps offer group messaging features. Unfortunately, these features tend to fall flat and prove difficult to use. WhatsApp keeps things simple and makes sending such messages easy. Users can send group chats to their entire friends list, if they so desire. Choosing recipients and then getting messages delivered quickly couldn’t be easier. On the other hand, Viber and WeChat are known for making this task a little annoying and difficult. That’s not the case with WhatsApp, though.

Unlimited Everything…Actually Unlimited

Smartphone owners are wary of the term “unlimited” these days. They’re used to their smartphone plans being called unlimited but coming with tons of limitations. Of course, the same feelings apply to smartphone apps that advertise unlimited features. WhatsApp allows users to send unlimited text, picture, and audio messages for the first year. Users won’t find themselves unable to send a given message because of some pre-configured limit. Finally, unlimited really means unlimited here, unlike other messenger apps.

The Little Things Matter, Too

Other free messaging solutions for smartphones fall flat compared to WhatsApp. For instance, Kik comes with complicated menus and a boring user interface. The same could be said about plenty of other options, too. WhatsApp keeps things simple and clean by offering a streamlined UI. Likewise, users will find menus easy to navigate, and extra features easy to access. The platform works on all mobile operating systems and doesn’t cause a headache for individuals trying to use the app to its fullest extent.

Will the app only improve from here?

Recently, Facebook purchased WhatsApp outright, so new features are likely coming to the service. Users won’t pay a dime to use WhatsApp during year one, but they will cut out their SMS expenses on their monthly bill. WhatsApp has become the flagship messenger app because of its simple UI, great features, and excellent group messaging setup. Other apps might come with more features, but they’re more difficult to use and deal with. In the end, WhatsApp is only going to grow and improve from here.

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