Many clash of clans fighters aim for the leaderboards and a chance to immortalize their names and declare themselves true victors and champions. However, all of these can be essentially impossible unless one has the correct layouts, building and the correct tips and tricks in their gaming. This will assist in having a viable defense and attackers where one can withstand other attackers with the same goals. For you to succeed easily, you therefore need to have a correct layout, a great strategy and be able to guard your buildings well. Here are great Clash of Clans tips and tricks to assist you with this.

Clash of clans layouts:

  1. Farming base layout

A good farming base layout is important as it will enable you to be able to keep more of the resources which you won. This will make it difficult for other enemy players to come and steal your gold and elixir.

  1. Trophy base layout

A good trophy base layout will focus on protecting the structure within the Town Hall. With a good trophy base layout, it will be impossible for enemy players to score a 2 or 3 stars when they attack you, they will only be able to score a 1 star. If they use a weak army, they cannot defeat you.

  1. Build separate trophy and farming base layouts

Rather than building your base that defends both your resources and trophies, it will be much more effective to build separate bases for these different functions. A farming base layout should be separate from the trophy base layout. The reason to this is so that you can effectively defend your resources and trophies effectively. For instance, keeping your Town Hall outside your base is important. If an enemy snipes your Town Hall but forfeits the match, you will get a 12 hour shield and do not lose any resources.

  1. Multiple walls layout

When setting up your base, you may want to make sure that you put up multiple walls between your enemy and your resources. The enemy will therefore have to break multiple walls so as to access your storage units. This will assist you to guard your resources effectively. Clash of Clans

Clash of clans types of buildings and correct strategies

  1. Defensive buildings

Having very strong defense is equally important to having a strong attacking force. Having a good defense is important in many ways, they safeguard your resources, trophies and from other enemy troops. Defensive buildings range from canon, mortar, archer tower, air defense buildings, wizard tower buildings etc.

Each type of defense possesses its own advantages and its disadvantages. For instance, a strong Mortar defense building is slow-firing but will have but will have high splash damage to your ground troop. Its disadvantages is that it is not able to attack troops beyond four tiles from itself or air troops. Mortar should therefore be placed at the middle of the village with adequate protection from air defenses. Archer towers and cannons attack quicker but have lesser amounts of damages to troops. Wizard towers buildings could also do some splash damage to air and ground units but have a shorter range.

  1. Resource buildings

Resources are types of currencies which can or upgrade your assets. Clash of clans has four resources; gold, gems, elixir and dark elixirs. Elixir, Gold and dark elixirs usually have buildings which are used to store and generate them. Gold is dug up from the gold mines, they are collected and stored within gold storage buildings.

Elixir is a type of resource collected by elixir collectors. When you collect them, you will store them within your elixir buildings. Elixirs are usually used to upgrade your resource buildings; you can upgrade gold storages, gold mines and dark elixir buildings.

Gems are quite different types of resources. They can be obtained through destroying trees and rocks or through app purchases. Gems can buy other resources such as gold, elixirs and dark elixirs. However, the best use of gems is to spend them in builder’s huts.

  1. Army buildings

The army part the game will have an impact in your attacking army. This will enable wining more times when you attack. Buildings within the army and attacks need more elixirs and dark elixirs so as to build them. Army buildings which you can build range from army camp, dark barracks,spell factor, barbarian king altar among others.

Best Clash of Clans tips and tricks 

  1. Save your gems

The best way to use your gems is to save them and buy more builder’s huts. When starting the game, you will receive 500 free gems, spend them wisely. Do not spend them on currencies or other resources to speed up your production, save them for important things. You need to save the gems you earn to be able to advance your missions quickly and easily. You should even never spend your gems unless it is suggested to you when beginning your tutorial session.

  1. Picking your target

When attacking, there are few things that you may want to take into account before you drop your troops. You have to first look at their Town Hall level. If that level is far below than yours, you could get smaller cuts of the spoils you make. You cannot collect many resources after plundering. Similarly, you may to earn back the resources which you spent on your troops. When choosing your targets it is therefore wise to choose those that are close within your town hall level.

  1. Defensive tips

If having a good defense is your main interest, you may want to have your first upgrade to be the town hall, then your walls, then your defensive buildings such as Mortar, archer tower and cannons. Mortar and air defenses should be your most important towers. Therefore make sure that they are close to the middle and that they have lots of protection.

Apart from being the most popular game today, Clash of Clans has always been enjoyable and interesting. As you enjoy the game, you primary goal should be to advance to higher town levels quickly. By using some of the tips and tricks listed above, you will be able to advance in a quick and easy way.

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