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Download AVG Antivirus Latest Updates that Includes More Security Layers


The AVG Antivirus brand is among the elites when it comes to do with matters of computer and mobile security.

This antivirus is one of the most precise in the world of online security today.

In the latest download of AVG antivirus you will be treated to the most recent updates that will ensure that your system is kept secure. This program can be installed on a multitude of devices including PCs and mobile phones.

Protection against Viruses

When it comes to protecting personal computers and mobile phones against malware and viruses, AVG is a world leader thanks to the massive worldwide recognition it has in this niche. What makes this antivirus one of its kind is the unique features it offers users; making it the best weapon to use for shielding your devices against viruses and malware and it is no wonder millions of people across the globe, trust this program to keep their computers and mobile devices secure and safe from malicious hackers when browsing the web.

The AVG antivirus is worlds apart with other antivirus programs thanks to the fact that it is very efficient and effective in detecting as well as cleaning all sorts of malware, viruses and infections that could otherwise harm the devices you are using to access the web.

Additional Security Layers in the Latest Version of AVG Antivirus

Downloading the latest version of AVG antivirus will ensure that you have extra layers of security. However, these additional layers of security are only available for premium users. It comes as an add-on that goes by the name of “Additional Security Layer” and it is a very helpful tool that can be used by users in providing their devices with better protection like never before.

This feature presents users with extra choices and allows them not only to perform different scans on their PCs, but also to apply these features in protecting their mobile devices. The latest version of AVG antivirus also allows users to scan their PCs with the help of their phones. Better still, this feature can be used the other way round where you can use the remote access feature and scan your mobile phone using your laptop. This is something you won’t find with any other antivirus program.

Locate Lost People and their Devices

The latest version of antivirus software from AVG comes with a host of unique features and among them is the feature that allows for the interconnection of your devices. If you have one device that is interconnected to another missing device, you can use it to locate this missing device. This is something that has been made possible by the availability of the additional security layer since it makes use of several tracking devices and tools in tracking down the missing device.

Even though this feature uses tracking devices and tools to locate lost devices, it can also be utilized in locating lost people too. This is so because it makes use of GPS and not the SIM card and neither is it dependent on the state of your phone; so even if your phone is off, it is possible to locate you as long as you have it on you.

The Bottom Line

This latest version of AVG antivirus software program takes into great account the issues of security management. Usually, when someone steals a phone or laptop for that matter, the first thing they often do is remove the SIM card and battery in order to make the device untraceable.

The additional security layer included in the latest version of AVG antivirus offers users with the best solutions for these kinds of issues. This is because with this program, you can still trace your laptop or mobile phone without having to worry about the issues related to SIM cards or batteries. Rather, this service uses the GPS service of your device and thus tracking down the device won’t be a problem.

You can download the latest AVG antivirus updates from the official website of AVG. Alternatively; you can still get the latest version of this antivirus program from the official iTunes App Store for iOS users or Google Play Store for users of Android devices.