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Why WhatsApp Status Messages are Very Important


Any person, who owns a smartphone in today’s world has the idea of what WhatsApp, is because they probably have it installed on their phone and they may be using it on a daily basis.

Messaging apps have turned out to be a replacement for the traditional SMS services that were handled by telecom providers or carriers. WhatsApp is the most used of all these messaging apps and using these apps to send and receive messages is free. However, the only cost incurred in this process is that for the data bundles used for internet connection.

WhatsApp has developed from being a mobile-based application for teens sending and receiving messages and sharing various multimedia files and it has become a platform where all ages of people and business organizations can make use. This app has turned out to be for each and every person trying to connect with a loved one living on the other side of the globe.

WhatsApp makes Communications Easy and Interesting

WhatsApp has made communication with friends around the world easy and very interesting. With WhatsApp, users are treated to an experience they would never have had with a mobile carrier when it comes to sending SMS. WhatsApp enables sending and receiving of messages in real time, unlike with SMS service which is usually associated with lots of delays from the various Telecom service providers.

One surprising thing about WhatsApp is the fact that it is only used for sending and receiving text messages as well as voice messages; however, there are other players like Tango and WeChat that have both the messaging and calling features; but WhatsApp still remains to be the favorite among users.

Furthermore, you can also download and use a lot of these other apps for free; while on the other hand WhatsApp is only free during the first year of use. After the free trial is over, you are supposed to buy WhatsApp for $0.99 and this fee will recur each and every year you use this app. There are other packages that offer three and five year plans.

Last, but not the least, WhatsApp is a mobile phone-based application and what this means is that it can only be used on a mobile phone and not any other device. Unlike other apps like Viber and Skype which can work on almost any device including computers and tablets, WhatsApp is limited to mobile phones.

As you can see, running a direct comparison of WhatsApp and the rest of these apps is not completely futile. These apps have quite a number of major differences that form a very significant part of their functionality. The list of differences continues with the aspect of status messages.

Setting WhatsApp Status Message

Unlike other apps like Viber and iMessage that don’t support the status message feature, you can do this on WhatsApp. However, whether this status message is of any significance remains to be a serious debate among users who are full of divided opinions. Well, how important are these messages?

How useful a WhatsApp Status Message is

If you set a status message on your WhatsApp account, it is possible and easy for friends to tell when you are online. You can use a status update to tell people how busy you are and that you are not in a position to talk or reply to any of their messages. In this way, your friends won’t think that you are ignoring them.

When you set your status message to “Busy”, no one will try to reach you as he or she will see from the message that you are busy. Even if you don’t respond to their messages; they will definitely understand why.

Furthermore, you can easily tell if a friend of yours is free or not using this additional feature. However, in case there is no WhatsApp status, you’ll be forced to wait for your friend to respond then ask him or her about it.

The status message feature is still wearing divided opinions among users as some believe that it is a complete violation of their privacy since people don’t want others to know about their activity on WhatsApp. Regardless of this, this instant messaging app is still the most popular in the world today.