Having a walk-through guide to a game you have just started playing is probably the best way to start.

Most Minecraft PS3 newbies have a challenging time trying to figure out how the game works. However, as you proceed, you will have a much easier time playing and avoiding dangers that might abruptly end your game. Here are some tips that will get you started with Minecraft PS3.

The First Thing to Do In Minecraft PS3

The first and most important thing not to do is exploration. Players new to playing Minecraft are often curious and start to explore their surroundings. There is nothing wrong with this, but what you will not realize is that it will get dark soon enough and with it comes danger. You will explore your surroundings later.

The first thing you should do is collect appropriate resources to build a shelter before it gets dark. When you waste time on other things other than building the shelter, you will be forced to start building the shelter as you try escaping the arrow fires that come your way from skeletons. This normally happens at nightfall.

Making Equipment

To ensure that you are safe from the horrors that come during nightfall, you must utilize every minute of daylight. Your first five minutes should be spent gathering resources. Ideally, collect meat from a cow or pig, wool from a sheep and some wood. Craft a table using the wood you collected and the remaining wood will be sufficient for you to make one pickaxe.

The axe will help you move downwards, and doing so will give you some stones. However, you should not dig down straight. Instead, dig in block steps so that you will be able to get out of the hole. Build a hut using the stones you have mined. Do not worry that your first shelter is not perfect. You just need something that will get you through the night.

Keep all your enemies at a far off distance. You can do so by making torches from coal and some wood. You should also make a bed from the wood you collected and wool gathered from the sheep. The bed will allow you to sleep throughout the night, and this automatically earns you some points. The points will prove useful when you do die.

Living Though the First Night

When mining, make sure to collect lots of stone and dirt. You will be tempted to do away with some of the stone and dirt to make room for other items. However, make sure that you have at least reserved a slot that can handle 64 blocks of dirt or stone. Store this slot in the quick bar.

When your enemies confront you at nightfall, use the stones and dirt to build a block in front of you. Jump on those blocks each time you stack one higher than you. Keep going until you have created 30 block stacks (1×1). When you are high enough, sleep there throughout the night, and you will be safe from your enemies.

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