By now Viber is well known as a mobile application which allows you to make make phone calls and also send text messages to other Viber users free of charge. Available over wifi or 3G, users of Viber simply register their phone number, receive an SMS message with a code which is entered into Viber and you are A for Away. Users are amazed and delighted at the quality of these free calls. The sound quality if far better than a regular call and the added bonus is being able to chat away as long as you like. Small wonder that Viber has reached an important milestone, and that is the fact that is has some 300 million users. Highly popular, the added attraction of Viber is that it is so easy to get started with it and it is available for desktop computers, Windows phone, Android, Windows 8, Blackberry, and iOS.

With your Android device you have many VoIP apps for making free calls, but Viber is the one which comes with specialties: using your mobile phone number and integrating it in your contact list.viber-phone

Just recently, Rakuten paid $900 million to acquire Viber. The Japanese company wants to become the world’s leading Internet services company. Viber can now add Rakuten Group’s 225 million members to its already 300 million registered users. Rakuten’s CEO, Hiroshi Mikitani has suggested that games are part of the plans for the messaging service. He was thrilled to welcome Viber to Rakuten, saying that Viber delivers the most consistently convenient- and high quality messaging and VoIP services e available. Viber has also introduced a sticker market which has the potential as a gaming platform.

Gaming a New and Enticing Feature

Viber are looking at the possibility of partnerships with social-gaming companies, with the idea of integrating games into its instant messaging, voice and video calls service. Rakuten is going to announce a gaming platform, and the company has met with a number of gaming companies to discuss partnering. One of these companies is They develops social casino games such as bingo and blackjack.

Fabulous Features Make Viber the Most Downloadable App

Although Viber was released in 2010, it has been continuously evolving and developing and it has become one of the most used mobile applications. The reason for this is the fantastic features it comes with. Up until now users have been able to make free calls which includes international calls and send free text messages

Lots of Improved Features

During the 4 years since it was released, Viber has undergone some changes and lots of improvements and because of this it is being downloaded more than any other similar applications. Viber now comes with many more stickers that certainly make chatting and texting more fun. If you want even more stickers, you can get the free from the sticker market and simply download them to your Viber application. Animated messages are a cool way to bring messages to life with colorful characters as well as fun voices, and you can create and share a limitless number of animated messages complete with the free characters provided for your use.

Free Video Calling

There are plenty of gorgeous features when you download the latest version of Viber. For starters you can customize the background of the messaging screen. You can do this by either selecting a photograph from your collection or you can go with something totally new. Previously Viber only offered voice messaging and instant messaging, but major improvements have been made in its most recent update. Free video calling is now one of the new features. Where once you had to open another messaging app to get hold of this feature, now a few clicks with Viber and you’re there.

Chat to Huge Groups Such as Your Entire Class

Instead of just sending plain text messages, you can send videos and photographs and choose from lots of emoticons and fun stickers to add into the conversation. Those who love sending videos through Viber will be pleased to know that the latest update improves video messaging and that you can now send even larger files. Other beneficial changes include being able to follow groups conversations and being able to ‘like’ content such as photos, messages or links. With the latest version of Viber you can add no less than 99 additional people in a single group chat. It is more than what other apps are offering. Now you can invite huge groups such as your whole class to take part in a conversation and also share other media with them simultaneously.

Another wonderful feature of Viber is its support for synchronizing with the desktop versions of Viber for Mac and Windows. Viber for Desktop has the convenience of letting you stay connected even when you are not on your phone. This means Viber synchronizes all your calls and messages across all platforms so that you never miss out on anything. The history of your calls and messages will appear wherever you have Viber installed. This gorgeous new feature allows you to transfer calls and messages from your mobile device to your desktop and your chatting is never interrupted.

Some other features with the latest version download:

  • you can call non-viber numbers; both mobile or landline, at low-low rates
  • there are more than 1000 new stickers to enhance messaging and create added fun
  • no registration or passwords required
  • free video, photo and text messages with location-sharing

Where else do You Enjoy Good Times Entirely Free?

Viber just keeps getting better, and with a latest-version Viber download with all its gorgeous new features, you can safely say you have the perfect chat app available for your mobile. Viber works worldwide so you can make calls without having frustrating contracts with telecom companies.

One of the biggest and notable features of the latest version of Viber is its ease of use, and it has an intuitive interface with different options for using the touch screen or the keyboard. Once you discover all the benefits and gorgeous features of the latest version of Viber, you’ll see how easy it is to have good times which are completely free.

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