Samsung has a history of innovation and upping the bar when it comes to smartphones. The manufacturer was the first to push smartphones with larger screens back when devices were small.

Likewise, phablets were created by Samsung when the first Galaxy Note device came out. Now the company has chosen to take a bold new approach to design with the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge. Its screen ends in a curved edge, which offers new functionality and innovations for smartphones.

Specs and Price For The Galaxy Note Edge

With a Snapdragon 805 chipset and 3GB of RAM, few smartphones are more powerful than the Note Edge. 32 to 64GB of internal memory and expandable memory allow users to pack the device full of files. A 3,000 mAh provides ample and sometimes impressive battery life. Plus, a 16 MP rear-facing camera and 3.7 MP front-facing camera take incredible photos. It’s 5.6-inch screen with a curved edge offers high-resolution and clear images with a 524 ppi density. This premium device starts at a hefty $840 price tag unlocked.

A Unique Phablet Packed With Features

All Samsung smartphones and phablets are known for known for offering countless features. The Galaxy Note Edge contains features found in the Galaxy S line of devices. However, Galaxy Note Edge devices set themselves apart with the curved edge portion of the screen, which contains a custom user interface called Revolving UI. Such a user interface enables the edge screen to accomplish tasks separate from the main screen. The main screen can simply be complemented by the secondary edge, though.

When it comes to notifications, the edge screen provides a fantastic setup. Users can see notifications, calls, and more from the screen without stopping the current app on the main screen. An individual can control certain apps, including the camera settings, from the secondary screen. Fortunately, Samsung has given app developers the opportunity to create custom functions for the curved screen and third party apps. Using the curved screen for notifications prevents users from being distracted during various activities.

The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge offers a “Quick Tools” feature, which comes in handy quite often. Tools include a stopwatch, ruler, and timer that display on the edge. In the coming months, Samsung plans to add more tools to the secondary screen. Controlling apps through the edge couldn’t be more convenient now, though. Music and video controls are available on the curved screen, and it can even be used to handle voice recordings. The possibilities are nearly limitless with the added curve.

Galaxy Note Edge: A Glimpse Into The Future?

In the end, most users will find it quite simple to utilize the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge and its curved edge. Few companies have been so bold in the smartphone realm as Samsung. More and more functionality will be designed into the Note Edge as time goes on. Sure, the device isn’t necessarily cheap, but it offers an experience that no other smartphone can match. A curved edge gives the device more functionality than other smartphones. It even helps users avoid distractions on the main screen, while giving them the ability to change settings without navigating elsewhere. If the phone proves popular, Samsung could have another hit device line on its hands.

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