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Using Instagram On your Desktop – The Rise of the Android and iOS Emulators


Instagram is no new app in the iOS and Android industry of smartphones.

The popularity of this app comes at a time when the app world is swelling with a myriad of mobile applications that serve users with almost similar services when it comes to connecting with each other as well as sharing some of their great moments.

The use of Instagram helps users view and share images and in this way it helps transform these images into great memorable moments, thanks to the many cool effects available for adding some spice in these images.

Instagram is more than just Sharing Pictures

After applying the many features and effects available on this app, you can go ahead and upload the edited picture so that your friends can get a taste of your creativity. Instagram is famous for its ability to share pictures; however, this mobile app also adds another excellent sharing capability to its ranks in the shape of video sharing feature where you can also share videos with friends.

Available on Limited Platforms

Before you can start using this application for sharing pictures and videos with friends, just like with other social networking apps, you’ll be required to sign up for an account with Instagram. However, one disappointing thing about this app is the fact that it can only be installed and used in the iOS and Android smartphones and not PCs. However, with the increased popularity of this app and the ever increasing number of active installations, many people would wish to have this app on their desktops.

Even though Instagram has no PC version, it is still possible to have it installed and operated from your PC, be it a Windows desktop or a Mac. With the rise in technological knowhow and the active competition that industries and developers have, there is a new animal in town and its name is emulator. With this animal, you can install and use an Android or iOS app on your Windows PC or Mac respectively. There are many of them available on the web today and with one of these amazing creations, you can run Instagram on your desktop.


One such emulator is BlueStacks and with this app, users are treated to a virtual environment that they can use to operate or run mobile apps on their desktops or Macs. One such app that can be run inside this platform is Instagram. You can also install and use other mobile apps using this BlueStacks software application.

How to Download and Install BlueStacks Emulator

Before users can get a treat of this amazing experience, it is imperative that they download the BlueStacks app and install it on their PCs. The next thing is to download the APK file for Instagram and with this file, double click on it to start installing it in the BlueStacks environment.

When done, start the BlueStacks app and in it, you will be able to see the Instagram icon, and icons of any other installed app. Click on the icon and it will immediately launch the Instagram application but now it will be running from the inside of the BlueStacks environment.

If you have an account already with Instagram, the app will open up and request you to log in. If not, you’ll be required to sign up for a new account and all will be good to go. You have now set up an Instagram account that will enable you use this application from your desktop and not always from your phone.

If you are a new user, it is actually very easy to sign up for a new account, thanks to the “Register link” provided by the application.

Upload and Share Files

After you sign in, click on the “camera settings” icon and from there; disable the option that requires the use of Advanced Camera for Instagram. Later, tap on the camera icon at the bottom of the app and from there, a window will pop up asking you to provide the source of the photos to be uploaded.

Pick any photo from your photo gallery or locate a picture from a folder you saved it and then select to upload it. The feature allows users to crop and resize the photos to their own preferences and once you are done, save the changes. You can also apply a variety of color filters in order to enhance the quality of the images. Your friends can now view and share your uploaded pictures with your other friends.