In the current era, the use of VoIP apps has been on the constant rise in the mobile industry.

This has left users with no choice, but to leave their devices’ internet settings in connected mode for the whole day. In this way, users are forced to incur some data costs as this internet connection throughout the day, will for sure, consume a significant amount of data. This is just but an additional cost towards the maintenance purposes of your phone.

Even though these costs might come as a cheaper option for making calls and sending text messages rather than using local carriers, there reaches a time when such extra maintenance costs become quite a problem to handle, especially in the highly demanding economy we live in. Some people get overwhelmed with these charges as liabilities tend to increase in their lives to levels they had never expected.

Where there is a will, there is a way

As earlier noted, there is a continued rise in the number of people that use VoIP apps in sending text messages and making voice and video calls. Such applications like Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat, Tango, Line and a multitude of others out there might be very difficult to stay away from. In fact, some have the potential of becoming addictive and as such, users tend to never leave their sight. Most people are regular users of these apps, with others like WhatsApp and Skype boasting over 600 million users each, while other newer entrants like Viber and WeChat amassing more than 600 million users when combined. This industry is big!

If you are that kind of person who won’t stay off your WhatsApp, yet you feel the charges you incur for chatting with friends are somehow taking you off your financial balance, there are better and smarter ways you can use, to handle things with respect to data costs on using VoIP apps on your Android smartphone, and still have them go your way. Read on.

Turn Off Usage of Data in your Android Smartphone

The first and easiest way you can scale down the data consumed on your phone is by turning off the usage of data on your phone. As earlier noted, many people are forced to leave their phones in the internet mode all through the day, just because they don’t want to miss a thing on WhatsApp or Viber. However, in order to cut down the costs you incur on using data, disable data at least when not using the internet, for instance when sleeping, at work or during meetings.

In addition, there are places where the internet signal is poor, your Android device will tend to keep searching for the signal, and in the long run there will be data wasted. It is advisable to disable your data settings when in such places.

You should be warned that this won’t mean your Android device won’t still be consuming some data. These smartphones are designed in a way that even if you are not making a video call on Skype or sending a text message on WhatsApp, they will still consume data.

Use Wi-Fi Internet Connections

When you connect your Android device to Wi-Fi, you can save yourself a lot of data/money when you make calls via any of Skype, Viber, Tango, Line or WeChat. Furthermore, if you are within the range of this Wi-Fi network, you can send and receive text messages to all of your WhatsApp friends without having to worry about the data package.

Additionally, using Wi-Fi is much better than mobile data since it provides a faster and better platform of making and receiving VoIP calls.

Switch to Airplane Mode and Stop Roaming

You can opt for an easier and much simpler option of simply cutting off your network source. This you can do by turning on your phone’s airplane mode. In this way, all your data usage on apps will be terminated, including normal SMS service. When free again, disable the airplane mode and you’ll be back to normal. In this way, you can minimize the data used on your Android smartphone as well as keep yourself away from disturbances.

Avoid turning on the roaming mode, unless you are on a business trip in order to avoid unnecessary roaming charges.

Close Background Extensions

In order to do this, go to your device’s “Settings” and select “Applications”. From here, you can disable the app you want under the “Running” tab. You can also use methods like “Force Stop” and “Disable” to completely stop any app from running. A warning message will show up but you can ignore it.

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