Much to the delight of Microsoft and the huge price cuts that allowed people to purchase the console for as low as $330, Xbox One has officially managed to surpass Sony’s Playstation 4, in terms of hardware sales.

For the first time in a whole year, the console has finally got out of its issues and not just because of the price cut but also because of the good performance that the platform showcased in the new releases.

All games including Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, Assassin’s Creed Unity and Far Cry 4 have been running great on both consoles. There isn’t any difference in terms of frame rates or resolution which convinced buyers that it doesn’t make a difference in choosing either of the next gen consoles.

Now, the big challenge comes in 2015 when Xbox One has to show off its exclusives to help it stand apart. They already have the most celebrated and biggest exclusives of all, Halo 5 Guardians, scheduled for release by the end of the year, while Gears of Wear, it’s next best exclusive, is fast developing. The news was shared by Phil Spencer, the division’s boss who tweeted that he’s glad to see the progress.

Gears of War Growing Big

In order to oversee the progress, Phil Spencer spent an entire day with the developers at Black Tusk. These are the people who are in charge of the development of Gears of War. Spencer also spent ample time with the developers working on the game as well as with the head of the studio, Rod Fergusson. In his Twitter, he said that all he has to talk about the game and the team was positive so far.

He also said, “The team is making massive progress and it has been an inspiring time to talk to them on this regard”. A similar post was made by Rod Fergusson as well, on his Twitter account that confirmed the meet.

Console Seller

Gears of War is not just a franchise but is the game that could help Xbox One find its place in the next gen platform and it is going to change the way people see the console.

For now, Sunset Overdrive and Halo Master Chief Collection are the exclusives that have been keeping players busy but come 2015, you will definitely have a lot more to look forward to and hours of gameplay time to invest in.

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