When one talks about science fiction role playing franchises, Fallout is almost always one of the top names on the list.

It has been more than four years since Fallout: New Vegas hit the shelves, and fans have become ravenous for the next iteration of this engrossing series. So, it is no surprise that rumors have already begun about Fallout 4’s anticipated release date and other details. A number of these rumors have already been proved false, but some still linger. Here are the latest:

Release Date

This is the most speculated about fact of all, of course, and so far none of the rumors appear to have proven true. Initial speculation was that an announcement would be made at the VGX awards, but Bethesda, the developer of the Fallout series, has announced through its official Twitter account that no such reveal would be forthcoming. Some still think the game could be released in November 2015, but with no word on an official reveal, it seems much more likely that the game will not hit the shelves until at least 2016.


It seems a fairly good bet that the setting for Fallout 4 will be Boston. This rumor has persisted for some time with no denials from Bethesda. That, coupled with reports of Bethesda personnel on the ground in various locations in Massachusetts scouting locations make this rumor appear fairly plausible.


Fallout has stayed away from letting players use vehicles in the past, but rumors indicate this may change with Fallout 4. If done right, this could add a thrilling new layer of excitement to the game that has already invited many to make comparisons to Mad Max.

Co-Op Mode

Cooperative gaming was discussed in forums on Bethesda’s website. This has given rise to speculation that Fallout 4 may feature a co-op mode that would allow players, for the first time, to trundle off into the wastes with someone other than an NPC to get their backs.

Three Dog is Back

Famed radio DJ and voice of the resistance in Fallout 3, Three Dog, may make a reappearance in Fallout 4. This rumor began when Erik Todd Dellums, the voice actor who plays Three Dog, tweeted suggesting that he would be reprising his role.

Skyrim-Like Leveling System

Skyrim was wildly popular for a number of reasons, but one of its nicest features was its leveling system. Many players have requested something similar be incorporated into the forthcoming Fallout game, and rumor has it this request may have been heard.


There is so much more we do not know about the forthcoming Fallout 4 than that we do. Even the rumors we think we know could prove to be completely false. Still, if Bethesda continues its trend of providing increasingly amazing and immersive games, Fallout 4 will be a sure success in the video game aisle…whenever it finally makes it into the store.

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