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Google Chromecast or Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter – Which Is Better?

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In this device category, the usual juggernauts are the Google Chromecast, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and of course, Roku. However, what some of you might not know is that Microsoft also has a similar device available in the form of the Wireless Display. In this comparison, we are putting the Microsoft device against the Google Chromecast to see what the real value of the former is.


There are a few things that work in a similar fashion with these two, such as the fact that they both use an HDMI connection. Plug the stick into a free HDMI slot and you’re pretty much good to go. To charge the devices, you will need in both cases to use an AC to HDMI adapter. After you start streaming from the device of your choice, the Wireless Adapter or Google Chromecast should pick it up and redirect it to your TV right away. Both devices connect wirelessly, offering a great amount of ease for setting up and reconnecting when necessary. Overall, both devices perform great and run smoothly.


The firs and one of the most important differences is the price tag. While the Google Chromecast comes for as cheap as $35, the Microsoft Wireless Adapter will have you digging through your pockets for about $60. The Wireless Adapter from Microsoft uses the Miracast technology to stream the content, which is supported by a large variety of devices including tablets from Microsoft as well as smartphones from Nokia and Samsung running Windows Phone or Android.

The Google Chromecast on the other hand streams by using a proprietary technology. Chromecast does not support Miracast for starters, but instead seems to play nice with Apple devices. A lot of applications on Apple’s iOS including apps for Hulu Plus, HBO Go or Netflix seem to function with Google Chromecast. The Google browser is of course supported, as the Chromecast is capable of streaming content from your Google browser tabs directly to your output of choice, meaning your TV. The Wireless Adapter from Microsoft does not support iOS apps.


If you don’t have an iOS device and instead have a Surface Pro tablet from Microsoft, then Wireless Adapter is probably better for you. However, if you want the cheaper device and own an iOS device as well, you might want to redirect your attention towards the Chromecast.