In fall of 2014, Electronic Arts sent SIMS 4 owners an email survey asking them a variety of questions about potential expansion packs.

These packs are due to be launched in early 2015, but EA has not yet confirmed which specific packs will be included in which expansions. However, the Internet is abuzz with rumors based on the survey email that was released, which asked questions about the following potential Sims 4 Expansion Packs:

City Living Expansion

Allow your favorite Sims to enjoy urban living for the first time. Sims will be able to live in a high rise apartment building or loft, experiencing everything city life has to offer. They’ll be able to go out to nightclubs in the evenings, dance in rooftop clubs or city nightclubs, and may even be able to start a band and perform their own music. The City Living Expansion is only one of many Sims 4 Expansion Packs rumored to be under consideration, however, it’s sure to be a popular one.

Business Owner Expansion

Sims will be able to start their own business with this expansion. They’ll be able to choose a business model, design a store and fill it with inventory, hire employees to work in their business, fire employees who are performing poorly, and even run advertising campaigns in order to gain additional clientele. You can choose a product that amuses you, whether it’s clothing, art, photography, or a food service business, and then set up and run a business just how you like it.

Supernatural Expansion

There’s been quite a lot of online chatter about this potential expansion, and if it’s chosen by EA to be released, they’re sure to have lots of happy fans. The Supernatural expansion is rumored to allow Sims to become vampires, then use their power of persuasion to convince other Sims to behave in specific manners. Sims will also be able to alter their appearance to add fingernails and claws, creative outfits, and more.

The pack is also rumored to contain Sim Spirits that can haunt other Sims and create unique storylines, elemental Sims that can control one of the four elements, and the ability to assemble a monster Frankenstein style, then bring it to life when you see fit. Whether you’d prefer to collect runes, assemble body parts, or haunt your friends and family, there’s likely to be something you’ll enjoy in this expansion pack.

Fame and Fortune

If you’ve always dreamed of becoming a famous pop singer or actress, this Sims 4 Expansion pack gives you the chance. You can become a celebrity, then manage your image and brand online by signing autographs, performing onstage, directing a film, or throwing a massive party. Whether you’re avoiding the paparazzi or drinking at a party with your fans, you’re sure to enjoy everything that the Fame and Fortune pack has to offer.

Whether you’re catapulting your Sims to stardom or running your own bakery, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in these upcoming Sims 4 Expansion packs. While none have been officially released yet, it’s important to keep your eyes peeled in early 2015 for everything Electronic Arts has to offer.

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