There are a number of ways to get the internet streaming TV networks like Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime Instant Video as well as Netflix.

However, the best way is with the Roku. In fact, there are so many alternatives that vie for your attention considering your hard-earned money. You can also buy a smart TV. One may as well consider an Apple TV or even a WD TV Live Media Player. But in case you want to get one device that you can watch Internet TV, the Roku is the best. The following are the 10 reasons as to why Roku is the best:

1. Price

Roku players are normally affordable. LT model is actually the cheapest of all the typical Internet TV devices even though one can still access to each and every TV channel. Also, it comfortably supports 720p HDTV.

2. Internet TV channel support

Every streaming box option usually support Netflix. However, Roku supports above 600 Internet TV channels. In case you happen to be a horror, fantasy, cult, and exploitation movie fun, just check out Midnight Pulp. Check out Revision3 if you want to know what is with technology.

3. On demand media

With it, one can pick and also choose what to watch and immediately stream it. There is no longer scheduling your life around the TV shows or even having to program the recording devices. You just need to select show and begin to watch.

4. Access famous streaming services on the TV

With Roku streaming media player, one can access the most famous streaming services such as:

  • Netflix
  • Hulu Plus
  • HBO Go
  • Spotify
  • YouTube
  • Pandora
  • ESPN
  • Crackle and many more

5. Thousands of channels

With Roku player, you will not have to try about getting something to watch. Roku channel store has got thousands of various different channels to install such as Netflix, Spotify, Pandora and many more.

6. Super cool remote control

Roku has got an added awesome feature to their remote controls. Roku players normally come with a remote which has got a built in audio jack whereby you can plug your headphones into. This remote uses a wireless connectivity and therefore one can control the device from any room without line of sight.

7. It easily install new channels

Technology might be frustrating but Roku is easy to use. For you to install a brand new channel, just surf through the channel store and then click on a channel whereby you will choose install. It’s really easy.

8. Small design

Roku is so small and also light such that one can clip it to the back of the TV. This is actually perfect for the wall mounted setups or just in case you would like to hide wires.

9. Play games

In case you would like to take a break from the TV shows, music, and movies, you can as well play video games. Roku 3 normally comes with Angry Birds Space edition. Other games that are available with Roku are Jeopardy, Pac Man, Wheel of Fortune and more.

10. Control device with your Android device or iPhone

Roku has got a smartphone application which allows one to control the device and also to stream media from the phone to the TV.

These are some of the reasons as to why Roku is the best. Get yourself Roku media player and enjoy all these benefits.

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