We need to communicate on a regular basis because this necessity must be satisfied as soon as possible, so an app that enhances this activity is just welcome to our lives. Therefore, WhatsApp for iPad has been designed to make your life easier and your wallet happier. We will talk about what this app can do for you by giving you details on its navigation, group messaging, price and many other interesting things.

WhatsApp for iPad – Overview

WhatsApp will let you chat with anyone for free and offers you tons of extra features that are worth your while. In addition, you will save tons of money on text charges, but you will have to persuade your buddies to download the app. Facebook has acquired the app, and we will expect some changes over time.


You will be able to include audio notes, photos, and videos into your text messages. In addition, WhatsApp will notify you when the other party has viewed your message, among other things. By including your location or interactive map, you will have even more fun. You can even block any contact from this app and use any of its pre-made away messages such as “I am busy” and so on. If you are in a hurry, send the contact info of a friend over without leaving WhatsApp for iPad.


Sending a message blast is just as easy as bring up the whole list of your contacts and pressing a button. You can even add contacts to your groups from other chat apps such as iMessage. In addition, you can also add the media or location that a particular user has added to a group from the group chat. Remember that you will save tons of money while communicating through Android and even when you call abroad. It means that you can get the lowest cost in your text plan with a little help from your family members and friends.


Although WhatsApp is free now, it used to cost 99 cents in the past. Today, you will have to pay 99 cents per year after the first 365 day of usage, and this is a steal considering this is an app that works in a cross-platform basis with solid messaging features. In addition, the app comes with some extras that make it useful and fun at the same time.


– You will be able to chat for free with anyone who downloads the app, no matter the platform.
– Awesome customization tools.
– Group chat.
– You can add you location quite easily.


– You have to persuade your friends to download this app.
– There is no app for desktop.
– It lacks interaction with other instant messaging apps.


The WhatsApp for iPad is an app that just works. Facebook might do some changes to the app over time, but it works fine as it is right now. WhatsApp for iPad will allow you to chat like never before and save some money on international charges. If you love talking with tons of friends and family members at the same time, this app has the group messaging features you have been waiting for.

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