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Download Viber Latest Update for PC – A Thorn in the Foot of Skype


The world of communication has totally changed over the past decade and among these changes is Viber, an instant messaging app that can also be used for making voice and video calls on both mobile devices and desktops.

This has been around for just five years and compared to what other players in the industry achieved over a similar period of operation, Viber has achieved a lot in such a short period.

Viber came into a niche that was previously dominated by Skype and as it stands, it is doing well. Skype has been the undisputed leader when it comes to offering users with free VoIP services for a period well over a decade now. However, just five years into its operations, Viber has already reached more than 450 million active users across the globe; a figure that is close to Skype’s user base of over 600 million users; yet Skype has been around for more than a decade. Viber is truly a force to reckon with, in this industry.

Unprecedented Growth in the Number of Subscriptions

Viber’s rise to prominence seems to be unstoppable. In such a short period of five years, this instant messaging app has managed to amass more than 450 million users across the globe. Since it was launched, the app had never stopped spreading its roots and as of today, Viber is the biggest threat Skype has ever come across in this niche.

In Viber’s point of view, it is Skype’s game to lose. When Viber came into the market, they were well aware of the position of Skype. In fact, it is doubtful whether the company was ready to rival Skype, but as things seem, Viber is taking away what used to be Skype’s. Skype are out to lose their loyal subscribers and other potential subscribers to Viber and as it seems, Viber has nothing to lose.

Skype developers are very much aware of the threat posed by Viber and as such they are doing a lot to keep pace with the latest developments in the industry. One such development is availing of the free group calling feature for all users, in addition to the Skype Qik feature that allows for sending and receiving of video messages.

The Viber Difference

Viber came into the market to make a difference. Viber sells their services as a free calling app. On the other hand, Skype presents itself as a VoIP service provider. This aspect has worked well in the favor of Viber as it has managed to lure millions of users from using Skype to using Viber just because of the free calling aspect, even though both apps offer their services in similar capacities.

Viber for Multiple Platforms

Viber began its business dealings back in 2010 and when it started, it came as a mobile phone-based application. On the other hand, Skype began as a PC-based app. However, with time, Viber jumped into the PC market and it has since been doing very well in this niche. On the other hand, Skype also took its business dealings to the mobile world and it is offering its services for mobile phone users too.

Viber was very swift in moving into this PC niche and in so doing, it shows you how capable this company is. It has seen such immense success on both platforms and this has come in a very short period, when compared to Skype. In this way, users can send text messages as well as make calls from their PCs.

Sync Contacts between Phone and PC

The latest Viber update comes with a feature that allows users to sync their contacts between devices. Once you have installed Viber on your PC, you can sync it with your phone contacts and in this way, you won’t have to manually add contacts to your PC version.


Despite the fact that Viber is still a very young app in this niche, it is for sure a force to reckon with, in this VoIP market and as it stands, Skype is really sweating over how to contain this massive pressure from Viber.

Viber is really taking Skype by the neck and by the time a half a decade turns around, it will be very interesting to see how these two VoIP giants will be faring on.