The newest version of Google Maps released for Android is much more interesting than its previous iterations and if you are a frequent traveler, this is an app that you should be using in your phone on an everyday basis.

The new feature automatically updates places of interest around you when you use the application to find routes to a specific location.

Instead of being just a route finder, the just released update 9.1 brings a lot more to the stable. The features aren’t new because this is not a huge update. However, the new update will allow users to easily know important and useful information about any destination that they are browsing through. Besides, it will also provide you information on the weather conditions in the said location as well as time, in case it is out of your time zone and you have to plan accordingly to be there at the prescribed time.

There will be some interesting fun facts about the location as well to spice things up. With all these new additions, 9.1 update for Google Maps is going to be a lot fun for frequent tourists and people who are often on the move, looking forward to find places to visit.

Show or Hide Traffic

This is another new feature which is a part of Google Maps 9.1 where users can choose to show or hide traffic with a single button press. The materialistic design inspired by the Android Lollipop 5.0 has already been rolled out for the maps on all the latest Android versions.

It allows users using different phones to know how it would look like on the Lollipop L, even though the operating system may not roll out for all manufacturers’ phones. So far, HTC, Samsung, Motorola and a few others have confirmed that they will roll out the update but only for select models.

Making Reservations

The ability to use Google Maps to book hotels in different locations is yet to be confirmed, but we can be sure that this is a feature that will eventually make its way to the app. For now, some promising code strings have been found in the update that users have managed to unveil and post in different forums. We can confirm the feature once the company officially announces it and rolls it out for all the Android users. It also has dynamic routing feature in case there’s a block ahead in the suggested route.

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