While 4J studios is preparing to showcase the new Title Update 18 features at the Playstation Experience event, it is obviously known that the same update which is also scheduled to roll out for the Minecraft Xbox 360 edition is ready for launch.

The process is the same as the developers will soon submit the files to Microsoft and Sony for certification verification. Once they approve the compatibility of all the features on their respective consoles, it will be rolled out not only to Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 but also to the next gen Xbox One and Playstation 4 consoles.

Players who love the mining game are definitely in for a treat because after a long gap, the console edition of the game is going to get upgraded with all the features that are already available on the PC edition. Mojang directly handles the PC version which always receives them all on a priority basis while 4J Studios works to bring them out to the other platforms. For many weeks they were busy building the game for the new generation of consoles but now with it officially out, they have focused on creating the Title Update 18 which is ready for launch.

Collective Teaser Image

The developers of Minecraft Xbox 360 have always had a tradition of showing off their titles with single teaser images. But, now they have posted a bunch of four different user interface images bundled together that showcases the best features that will be rolled out shortly.

Besides, if they are going to showcase them all during the Playstation experience, it is evident that the development is over and all that is needed is to submit it to the parent company to get their approval. With millions of players waiting to grab hold of the red stones, ride the horses and light up the sky with fireworks, 4J definitely has a job at hand that they have to finish as quickly as possible.

December Launch

If you have been holding out patiently for so long, you can now be happy that Minecraft Xbox 360 will receive the Title Update 18 most probably before the end of December. They hardly have a reason to postpone it to 2015 because there are other things to look into, probably a sequel but with the content ready by now, it should be launched. An official announcement and a launch date reveal is expected once the PS event in Las Vegas ends.

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