Twitch, the live game streaming service, acquired phenomenal support from gamers worldwide and rose to unprecedented heights, was finally sold to Amazon.

Valve, the creators of the PC digital distribution platform Steam is not a company that waits for others to take the initiative.

They already have a strong foothold in the PC market and now with the launch of the broadcasting solutions, the company is definitely going to go places with their digital distribution solutions. Players can now instantly share any game that they are playing right now with their friends with the press of a single button. It’s not only simple on paper but Valve aims to replicate the same in the real world with a service that changes the way people stream online content.

Ease of Use

Right from the scratch, Steam Broadcasting services has been designed to offer players, amazing level of freedom and ease of use. Streaming is not only possible when you do it but when you are playing a game, a friend in your list can ask your permission to view the game. If the player chooses to agree, the streaming will automatically commence. Everything sounds good already and the broadcast services is now in beta stage.

The company aims to roll out a full version of it once they have eradicated any bugs and issues in the service. You will find the option in the Steam settings panel where you can sign up for the beta and experience the new feature right away but know that there may be multiple hiccups as it is still in its early stages. Once fully ready, it would definitely rival Twitch because this is an unexpected competition that the service never thought of and now they have to cope with it.

Multiple Privacy Settings

While the basic concept is the same, multiple privacy settings and options have been rolled out by the game. This ensures players are safe and secure while sharing their game sessions. Only friends will be allowed to watch while a public broadcast is possible which should be manually turned on to stream your titles.

Similarly, there is also an option to show your desktop when the game is not running which could be used to provide technical assistance or troubleshooting tips to your loyal list of fans. Restrictions to ensure obscene content don’t pass through is also in place which will ensure that gamers of all age groups can use the service without the hassles.

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